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ePub Dolled Up For Murder (A Dolls to Die For Mystery) download

by Deb Baker

ePub Dolled Up For Murder (A Dolls to Die For Mystery) download
Deb Baker
Berkley (October 3, 2006)
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Without her, I’d still be in the slush pile. Thanks to Anita Husby, who welcomed me into her doll workshop and answered questions throughout the writing process.

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From World of Dolls by Caroline BirchGretchen greeted Sunday morning with a moan. It took her a good minute to realize she was in Nina’s extra bedroom

Deb Baker Dolled Up For Murder. The first book in the Dolls to Die For series, 2006.

Deb Baker Dolled Up For Murder. Without her, I’d still be in the slush pile. Any mistakes I’ve made regarding doll repair are strictly my own.

Dolled Up for Murder book. Crime-solving antiques dealer Josie Prescott is back-tracking down a doll collection to die for. On a sparkling spring day in the cozy coastal town of Rocky Point, New Hampshire, with the lilacs in full bloom and the wisteria hanging low, antiques dealer Josie Prescott is showing a stellar doll collection she's just acquired to Alice Michaels, the queen of the local inves Crime-solving antiques dealer Josie Prescott is back-tracking down a doll. collection to die for.

For Gretchen Birch, her mother Caroline, and her aunt Nina, doll collecting is a family affair. But they have never imagined that doll collecting could inspire foul play.

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Home Deb Baker Murder Passes the Buck. On a shelf above the bed were two porcelain dolls decked out in wedding dresses. Murder passes the buck, . She had a pot of coffee ready and was made up for the day, every hair in place, like a soap opera star. I bet she went to bed with her makeup and hair done up. She probably slept on her back with one of those little rolled pillows tucked under her neck and a black mask over her eyes to screen out light. I had slept in a tiny spare bedroom on a day bed with a white comforter and ruffles around the bottom. While I sipped coffee I glanced around. Cora Mae lived in a dollhouse.

For Gretchen Birch, her mother Caroline, and her aunt Nina, doll collecting is a family affair. They may disagree on other things, but when it comes to dolls, they share a passion for the most exquisite (and expensive) creations in history. But they have never imagined that doll collecting could inspire foul play.
  • I enjoyed this first installment in the "Dolls" series. The characters are a fun mix and the interaction is wonderful. Gretchen Birch, our heroine, is facing some of the typical problems in life while dealing with a situation involving her mother. To add to this, meet Aunt Nina and her "special powers" of perception. Meeting these two and all of the other characters in this story make learning about doll collecting fun.

  • There are teddy bear mysteries and quilting mysteries and even sudoku mysteries. So a dollmaking mystery could not be far behind. I enjoyed this book. I liked the inside view of doll collecting, and I thought that Deb Baker managed to build up excellent suspense! I recommend it.

  • this series is fun because of the area near Phoenix it takes place. Enjoyed it, and the rest of the series.

  • First Line: Head buried under a mound of pillows, Gretchen Birch struggled to ignore the phone's incessant ringing.

    I almost stopped reading the book a few pages in when I identified the Bad Guy. (The author and I like the same Peter Sellers films.) What kept me reading? Oh... things like Baker's writing style, the Phoenix metropolitan setting, and the "doll angle". My grandmother collected antique dolls, and I picked up a lot of knowledge by osmosis.

    Anyway... Gretchen Birch gets a phone call from her Aunt Nina in Phoenix. A homeless woman who had previously collected dolls was found dead at the base of a cliff. She was clutching a note in one hand that certainly seems to implicate Gretchen's mother in her death. To make matters worse, Gretchen's mother, Caroline, has disappeared. Gretchen packs a bag and catches the next plane to Phoenix. (Why do I feel as though I'm about to channel Glen Campbell?)

    One of the first things Gretchen does when she settles down in her mother's house is to hike up Camelback Mountain. In July. In the afternoon. I began to think this young woman had a few too many screws loose. Then her Aunt Nina who trains purse dogs made an appearance, and the two of them were off to the races, driving all over the Valley checking in with other doll collectors and trying to avoid the detective who's following them.

    I'm very glad I didn't stop reading when I figured out whodunit. I'm very glad I remembered that it's not always all about WHO; many times HOW and WHY are every bit as important in a mystery. Gretchen, her Aunt Nina and her mom Caroline were all engaging characters, and I really enjoyed all the information Baker shared about doll collecting. However, I hope that the next time I read about Gretchen hiking up Camelback Mountain, it's not on a July afternoon. Just the thought of it makes me feel a bit woozy.

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  • This was a very good debut of a new mystery series. Gretchen Birch comes from a family of very lively women. All of them are crazy, wildly impulsive and very disorganized. Gretchen puts this down to a "renegade gene passed down through generations of Birch women".

    Gretchen gets a call from her Aunt Nina in the wee hours of the morning telling her she has to come home to Phoenix because her Mom is missing. She even went so far as to book her a flight at 7am. Caroline Birch is a doll collector and belongs to the Phoenix Dollers. She often goes off to an auction or the hunt for an antique doll without telling anyone. Gretchen wasn't really worried but she couldn't say `no' to her Aunt.

    Martha, a homeless drunk, use-to-be doll collector was murdered. That same day Caroline disappears. She takes a flight out of town. The police think she is running away. Why else would she take off right after the murder? At one time Martha owned one of the most prestigious, grandest, antique doll collections in the country. After she lost her home and all her belongings it was a mystery as to what happened to the collection. She hadn't sold it. Where was it?

    While Gretchen is in Phoenix trying to figure out exactly what happened to Martha and where her mother could be, Caroline is off trying to find a doll and win it on an eBay auction. She wants to trap "The Inspector" who has already sold one of the dolls in Martha's collection. She knows that if she doesn't succeed she will die.

    The clues are leading Gretchen to all kinds of suspects in the doll collecting community. In the meantime Matt Albright, a local detective is convinced that Caroline pushed Martha off the mountain. It's a race to see who will succeed - Caroline - Matt - Gretchen - the unknown Inspector?

    The characters in Dolled Up for Murder are great. They range from the eccentric Aunt Nina to the homeless man Macho Nacho. The story line flows and keeps you turning pages throughout. I am looking forward to the next Doll Collectors/Birch Women mystery