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ePub Bookmarked to Die (Center Point Premier Mystery) download

by Jo Dereske

ePub Bookmarked to Die (Center Point Premier Mystery) download
Jo Dereske
Center Point Pub (December 1, 2006)
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Bookmarked to Die book. Hardcover, Large Print, 350 pages. Published December 31st 2006 by Center Point (first published June 1st 2006).

Bookmarked to Die book. Bookmarked to Die (Miss Zukas Mystery, Book 9). ISBN. 158547844X (ISBN13: 9781585478446).

Book 9 of 12 in the Miss Zukas Series. In the 9th book in Miss Zukas Mystery series, we finally are able to return to the life of Ms. Helma Zukas, the exacting librarian who solves mysteries

Book 9 of 12 in the Miss Zukas Series. Helma Zukas, the exacting librarian who solves mysteries. but a bit different from previous books in the series. She is a bit out of sorts, and seems to have a cloud covering her normally sharpened senses.

It occupies 101–103 New Oxford.

It occupies 101–103 New Oxford Street and 5–24 St Giles High Street, WC1, with a frontage also to Charing Cross Road, close to St Giles Circus and almost directly above Tottenham Court Road tube station. The site was once occupied by a gallows.

When Miss Helma Zukas awakens on the morning of her forty second birthday she feels a heaviness of spirit and she is troubled because has no reason to feel that way. She is so gloomy that she forgets that the local author project is getting underway that night. She rallies to the occasion and she has a full house of writers who want to be represented in the collection.

Publisher: Center Point Large Print. Publication Date: 2006. CLAUDIA BISHOP is the author of the popular 'Hemlock Falls' mystery series as well as two novels in the 'Casebooks of Dr. McKenzie'

Publisher: Center Point Large Print. McKenzie'. Under the name Mary Stanton, she is also the author of an eight-volume children's fantasy series, 'Unicorns of Balinor.

Bookmarked to Die. (Book in the Miss Zukas Series). The inimitable librarian/sleuth Miss Wilhelmina Helma Zukas is back in this ninth mystery, returning to flirt with Police Chief Wayne Gallant and to solve another crime while in the throes of a mid-life crisis.

The American Book Center, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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The crime-solving doyenne of the Dewey Decimal System, Miss Zukas is back in circulation!Librarian extraordinaire Miss Wilhelmina "Helma" Zukas wakes up on the morning of her forty-second birthday in the throes of more than one midlife crisis. Her championing a collection of local authors' works ignites a dangerous firestorm of jealousy and anger in tiny Bellehaven. She's blackmailed by her conniving boss, library director May Apple Moon, into attending group counseling sessions and two of the participants turn up dead. An obnoxiously bubbly new librarian is turning the head of Helma's longtime admirer, Police Chief Wayne Gallant. And worst of all, her uncuddly feline companion, Boy Cat Zukas, disappears.

Though she's been expressly forbidden to investigate (by the scheming Ms. Moon), it's Helma's nature to delve and research, and she figures there's nothing else now that she can lose. But too much nosing around in this case, and she's not going to make it to forty-three!

  • I am thrilled to have Miss Zukas back - this is one of my favorite series! I love the stories, I love the humor, I love the evocation of place, and I love the writing, but I have a strong preference for character-driven stories, especially series, and that is one of the best part of these.

    Wilhemina "Helma" Zukas has a very unusual personality, especially for the protagonist of a story. Methodical, meticulous, extremely neat and not particularly an animal lover, it is very unusual to have a character like this sympathetically portrayed. Authors generally to to either "cure" characters like this, having them discover that they really want to be loud, boisterous and reckless; or they turn out to be psychopaths.

    Miss Zukas is an interesting mixture of individual certainty and slight social ineptness, especially when it comes to intimacy. She is certain of her values, her preferred way of life, and fearless in pursuit of matters of principle. She deals well enough enough with her colleagues, although she is not close to them, she is a perfect public servant to the patrons, and can be quite firm and forceful, but she is uncertain when it comes to close relationships, especially romantic, which in this book add greatly to her confusion.

    Miss Zukas is balanced by her rather wild, artist friend, Ruth in what is in someways an unlikely pairing, but in other ways an understandable attraction of opposites. It supplies a great deal of the humor and human interest in the book. There is a nice cast of continuing minor characters as well.

    Her reluctant relationship with the stray Boy Cat Zukas supplies a great deal of understated humor. Her mixture of fastidious relectance to have a pet and her inability to abandon an animal in need are very true to life.

    There has been some concern about Miss Zukas as a librarian stereotype - being a librarian myself, I understand the concern. While someone like Miss Zukas might be likely to choose to be a librarian, I think that her colleagues are varied enough to make it clear that all librarians are not like Miss Zukas. The office politics, expecially with the library director, Ms. Moon, are only too real and too funny. The one thing that strikes me as odd is that Ms. Zukas seems to be able to get away from the library a lot, but she still works more than most literary characters.

    In this story, Miss Zukas is having a midlife crisis and Ms. Moon leaps in to "help". Meanwhile, Boy Cat Zukas disappears, and Helma, although she really didn't want him in the first place, is still terribly worried. Just to add to her stress, her friend Ruth drops in for a visit while she resolves her own issues, nearly trashing Miss Zukas's apartment in the process. And this is before anyone gets killed!

    I hope that this is only the beginning of a renewed spate of books.

  • I was recently reminded of this series (of which I had read three or four when they were first released) by another retired library worker. This title is a perfectly acceptable example of the "cozy mystery and superior to many in its writing. However, its most attractive feature for me is the stream of memory called up by inclusion of personalities, politics, and technical changes in libraries during the twenty years of initial conversion from all print (including catalogs) to the point where digital format passed us by. I am sure than many mystery readers, and certainly many librarians, would enjoy this.

  • Helma is outstanding. I have begged Ms. Dereske to bring her, Ruth and Chief Gallant back.

  • Love this book and the whole series. Great reading. thank you

  • I recently found these....I am a long time mystery reader... I have now read all her books and want more of her detectives!!! The writing is clear, crisp, often funny.....characters are engaging and overall this is very readable

  • This is one of my favorite series, with a unique heroine and always well-written plotting. I look forward to each book.

  • well plotted

  • There's a lot to like about Bookmarked to Die. The heroine Helma Zukas is intelligent, independent and interesting but after reading it a second time I began to feel...well, iritated. Having spent a few years working in libraries I found the stereotypes in the book to be way too much. Must all the librarians be so quirky? Must Miss Zukas be so brittle and repressed? How many times have we seen haughty, ice maiden librarians in literature? Isn't it time to show a librarian who's not neurotic?

    The stereotypes continued. I realize that it made a nice contrast for fussy, emotionaly stunted Miss Zukas to have a friend like the slovery, slutty Ruth but it got to be a bit much. If a person acted like Ruth in real life their relatives would call a pyschiatrist. TNT was taken directly from any 1930s movie about a boxer you can think of and the character of Glory has been seen about a trillion times in chick lit novels. The murderer was a throw away character. This person was the one individual in the story who really didn't matter and who the readers have already come to dislike.

    Plus the way Miss Zukas goes about solving the murders is farcical. She does a number of reckless and iilegal things and sleuths by simply barking questions at the suspects. There was no urgency to the book. There seems to be little reason to solve the murders and I found that the best parts of the book were when Helma was working in the library and not even thinking about the mayhem outside her cubicle.

    Overall, Bookmarked to Die was a little too cute and although the author is very talented it irritated me so much that I won't be buying anymore of the series.