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by Walter Satterthwait

ePub Escapade download
Walter Satterthwait
St Martins Pr; 1st edition (August 1, 1995)
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Книга Escapade, автор Satterthwait Walter - (Книга жанра: Детективы, Классические детективы. But I did want to tell you that I’ve begun to read the book you sent to me, Mrs Stopes’s ‘Married Love’. Читать онлайн в библиотеке Booksonline. It’s curious and rather delicious to see all those body parts swaggering so boldly across the printed page, cool Latin names draped like togas over their smooth warm shoulders. I’ll be ferrying the book to Devon, but discreetly of course. Should the Allardyce ever suspect what it is I’m reading with such zeal she would become quite puce with shock.

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It's the summer of 1921. At a weekend party in an English country manor, the discovery of a dead body in a locked room pits the minds of a brilliant escape artist and a famous detective novelist against that of a fiendishly clever murderer. Will an American private eye beat two 20th century heroes to the punch and find the killer-before he finds them?

Accustomed to the dark. by Walter Satterthwait.

Accustomed to the dark. The hanged man. A flower in the desert.

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In the summer of 1921, English society is fascinated by the spiritual world - perhaps no one more than the great mystery writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, one of thirteen eager guests at a weekend party and seance in a stately Devon manor house steeped in history and tradition. But, as Sir Arthur puts it, "Something very strange, and very sinister, is occurring here at Maplewhite." Whatever it is, warns his skeptical friend Harry Houdini, it is most certainly of this world, and no other.Their suspicions are amply confirmed when their host, the Earl of Axminster, is found murdered - in a locked room.Suspects and secrets abound, from the lovely Lady Purleigh and her nubile daughter, Cecily, to Dr. Erik Auerbach, the Viennese psychoanalyst, to Mme. Sosostris, the renowned European medium. Nobody is quite what they appear to be, and everyone has something to hide, in a mystery so puzzling that it baffles not only Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, but even the Great Houdini himself. Only the two greatest masterminds of artful deceit could solve a crime so ingeniously crafted and cunningly executed.
  • I have read quite a few books by Mr. Satterthwait and they all have been a pleasure to read. He is a very good, intelligent, talented writer.
    The "Escapade" will catch your attention from the very beginning. The characters of the people unfold as the story goes on, become alive and have quite interesting manners and reactions to events. Beaumond, the central hero, is witty, sensitive and smart. All in all I enjoyed reading this book very much and I highly recommend it.

  • I decided to read Escapade having previously stumbled upon Perfection (a more recent Satterthwait novel). His writing style is engaging and results in a real page-turner. Escapade, set in early 20th century, introduces you to not only historical characters like Harry Houdini and Arthur Conan Doyle, but to the two wonderful protagonists: Mr. Beaumont and Ms. Turner. If you like English murder mysteries, you will definately enjoy this twist on that theme.

  • I thought this book would be great -- how could you go wrong with a mystery featuring Harry Houdini and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle at a house party? You could go very wrong, as it turns out.
    The writing is sometimes painfully amateurish. Characters are caricatures, and each time they appear, the same characteristics are mentioned, in the same words. This gets really annoying.
    The main character is Houdini's right hand man, Phil, whose high opinion of himself is completely unwarranted. He is a condescending, arrogant twit. Other characters are too thinly depicted -- they only consist of a couple of qualities, mostly superficial physical traits, such as weight and hair color.
    Once you've endured thousands of sentences containing prose flatter than Kansas, you arrive at the solution. Unfortunately, the solution to the murder is not possible. This is a wee bit of a problem for a mystery. Without giving away too much, if you know anything about ballistics, you will know the author doesn't. His "solution" reveals his ignorance and lack of research, and will frustrate any reader who knows more than he does about guns. It wouldn't have been that difficult or time-consuming to uncover facts such as -- silencers don't silence. They muffle some of a gunshot's sound, but hardly render it silent.
    And after reading ESCAPADE'S attempts at wit, you'll just wish someone would silence Phil. For a really witty book, try one by Robert Crais or karen Kijewski. For a good, clever historical, try Bruce Alexander's series. I recommend skipping ESCAPADE.

  • Setting: 19th century England, in a not-so-very-tradional manor.
    Cast (in order of appearance, disappearance or what-you-like): Houdini, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, a communist lord, an American detective, a psychopath, a charming lady, a medium and a pervert ghost!
    Other relevant information: Prix du Roman d'Aventures 1996 (in France)

    A very unusual story in a traditional Golden Age setting. Strange things are happening: will Chin Soo manage to kill Houdini or will Houdini make Chin Soo vanish? will Sherlock Holmes come to the rescue of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (who may not be quite as good a detective as his hero)? will the communists take over the House of Lords? (maybe the novel isn't quite about British politics but who knows...)
    A very funny novel, probably one of Satterthwait's very best. I bet that if you try it, you'll LOVE it

  • I first ran into this lovely book a year ago and since then have given away 4 copies. The author takes historical fact (the real relationship of ghost buster Houdini and the gullible spiritualist Conan-Doyle) and places it into an English manor murder mystery. What makes it special are the subtle characters created by the author, and the relationship of the main characters: Houdini and his American detective/bodyguard. The fun begins with a distant rumble that gathers speed via well crafted vignettes until the reader and author reach the punch line together laughing. I especially liked the way Houdini's overbearing arrogance and self absorption are gently and kindly managed by the narrator. Read this and pass it on to friends. Oh, the who dunit part is cool, too.

  • Once started, the reader can hardly pause in finishing this action packed and well crafted mystery. The hero, Phil Beaumont, is a Pinkerton Operative assigned to bodyguard Harry Houdini on a trip to England. The key to the solution of the murder lies in learning the true identity of all the suspects, just as in my THE PINKERTON EYE. The quality of the novel is enhanced by the author's clever use of the epistolary technique
    to strengthen the story line. I highly recommend this mystery

  • i was attracted to this book because of the author, whom i respect as a very good weaver of tales. and he has woven a rather preposterous tale, but his style has made it very entertaining and easy to read from cover to cover. it looks like the harry houdini was draw straight from the tony curtis movie characterization. and sherlock has nothing in common with jeremy or basil. not as good as the croft mysteries, but better than what lots of others are writing.

  • This book is a total original. Laugh out loud funny. A fresh mystery. With characters we thought we knew before. I read it twice! Simply great.