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by Margot Wadley

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Margot Wadley
Minotaur Books; 1st edition (April 1, 2001)
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The Gripping Beast book. Details (if other): Cancel. Thanks for telling us about the problem. The Gripping Beast introduces readers to a land full of ancient history and modern day intrigue.

Introducing Isabel Garth. Margot Wadley is the winner of the SMP/Malice Domestice Award for Best First Traditional Mystery Novel for 2000. She lives in Blacksburg, VA. Margot Wadley.

What a fun read! Wadley takes us on a trip to faraway Orkney for a tradtional mystery

What a fun read! Wadley takes us on a trip to faraway Orkney for a tradtional mystery. I really enjoy a cozy little mystery with a British flavor and this is one. She describes a place completely foreign to me without beating me over the head with flowery prose - yet well enough that I can see it and feel it in my mind's eye. Wadley also sprinkles the dialogue with localisms to keep us in the mood but not to the point it is tough to read.

Sensible American Isabel Garth has come to the remote Orkney Islands of northernmost Scotland to reclaim her past. Abandoned by her longtime lover, she takes a summer off to sketch the cottage in Digerness where her late father lived as a child. But as she roams the lush, wild countryside in the "simmer dim"-the arctic June twilight that stretches halfway till dawn-she finds a history more vast and ancient than her family's. The Viking tomb at Maes Howe and the sacred ruin of Hamehollow are merely the gaudiest of Orkney's jewels; even local farmers like Graham Sinclair and.

In Northern Scotland The Gripping Beast introduces readers to a land full of ancient history and modern day intrigue  . Margot Wadley uses the dramatic background to debut her heroine, Isabel Garth, a young American woman who has come to the island to illustrate her deceased father's notebooks. As soon as Isabel steps off the ferry she is accosted by a beautiful young woman who warns her to leave. Andrew, a young boy she met on the ferry, proudly announces that the woman, Thora, is a witch.

Margot Wadley uses this dramatic background to introduce her heroine, Isabel Garth, an American woman who travels to Orkney to mourn her father and to illustrate his .

Margot Wadley uses this dramatic background to introduce her heroine, Isabel Garth, an American woman who travels to Orkney to mourn her father and to illustrate his journals, which record the memories of his childhood there. On the sea journey, she meets Johanna MacLeod and her son, Andrew. The boy tells Isabel that a fellow passenger is a Viking witch, a claim his chiding mother denies. Required fields are marked .

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When Isabel Garth, a young American woman, comes to the Scottish island of Orkney to illustrate her late father's notebooks, she finds herself warned to leave by the local witch, terrorized by two men who are apparently following her, plagued by a rash of "accidents," and confronted by the brutal murder of the woman who had warned her of danger. Winner of the 2000 SMP/Malice Domestic Best First Traditional Mystery Contest.
  • Although not a serious mystery reader I found this story to be very compelling from the first page and I eagerly look forward to a trip to the Orkneys next year. From the moment Isabel reaches Orkney she is set for a roller coaster ride of emotions and events not of her own choosing but ones she will endure to get to the bottom of the troubles. Not being able to trust anyone,like Isabel, the reader will be on the edge of their seats as she has one frightening encounter after another. The mythological elements are especially well done adding much to the story. Unlike other mysteries the tale is told with depth but there are no red herrings here to fool the reader, especially us inexperienced ones. The story moves along with well paced events, the writing is crisp with no filler to spoil the elements of surprise and the reader will care about what happens to Isabel. The characters especially Isabel and Ross are going to capture the readers attention but there are a few more such as Graham and Andrew who could have been developed more. Here is hoping that the author will return the reader to the Orkneys with more chilling tales involving this wonderful cast of characters in the very near future. A remarkable first book not to be missed by readers who love tales set in Scotland rich with mythical details.

  • Isabel Garth grew up hearing her father's tales about his home on the Scottish Orkney Isles. When he died, Isabel decided to honor her beloved sire by traveling to his home to sketch drawings of the sites he described in his notebooks.
    Isabel takes the ferry to reach her father's birthplace. Her first debarking step onto the land leads her to the witch Thora, who tells her to turn around because the isle is dangerous for her. Refusing to believe in witchcraft, Isabel insists on completing her odyssey, an homage to her father. Isabel merrily traces and sketches her father's home and listens to stories about legendary treasures. However, accidents begin to happen too frequently to Isabel and worse yet she finds Thora dead, an apparent homicide victim, leaving Isabel wondering if she is the next target.
    Readers will quickly understand why THE GRIPPING BEAST is an award-winning novel. The story line is exciting, as Isabel inadvertently becomes an amateur sleuth. Still, what makes the plot so good is the secondary cast including the Orkney Isles that bring to life a place where the modern world and the Ancient legends comfortably exist together. Fans will want to accompany Isabel on this tour and any future excursion written by Margot Wadley.

    Harriet Klausner

  • I wanted to enjoy this book, I really did. Unfortunately, I have been a fan and collector of the late novelist Elisabeth Ogilvie for many decades. This book bears a very strong resemblance Ogilvie's "The Silent Ones" which took place on the Isle of Skye. It was published in 1980, 21 years before The Gripping Beast. The main premise, many of the events, and even some of the character names are identical or very similar to The Silent Ones. In Ogilvie's book, heroine Alison Barbour hopes to trace her red-haired great-grandmother on this remote Scottish island, but she is drawn into an even greater mystery, a murder. In The Gripping Beast, heroine Isabel Garth hopes to discover more about her late father's heritage on this remote Scottish island but is drawn into solving a murder.

    The dead person in Ogilvie's novel was found among standing stones, and had unseeing, open eyes that reflected the sky. In The Gripping Beast, we're told that the dead woman was found in a ruin near standing stones, and, "Her open eyes stared at nothing [...] their faded color seeming no more than a clouded reflection of the blue of the sky."

    Many other scenes, from the heroine's arrival on the island, to social events there, are pretty faithful reproductions. This angers me. Just because The Silent Ones is out of print and over 20 years old, doesn't mean a new writer can plunder it for plot and details. It appears that Wadley has not written any more mysteries, even though the cover on my copy says, "Introducing Isabel Garth". Maybe this is why.

  • I feel like getting an airline ticket and travel to the enchanting Scottish Islands - The Orkney's. The author, Margot Wadley, demonstrated a unique feel for the characters and the location. The time frame is tremendous. There is the feel of a very ancient time intertwined with current quandries in the world today. The ancient vikings fit in very well and give us a feel of the ancient people of the Orkney's. As two examples of the modern problems - the lead character, named Isabel, is an unmarried expectant mother who wonders what the best path would be for her life. Secondly, a nuclear waste site is being proposed in this beautiful pristine area. The writer gives us many things to think about as well as a "darn good read." I'm looking forward to many more books by this author. It was interesting to note that the author also illustrated the book jacket.

  • I love this book and I wish Margot would write more in a similar vein. I re read it every now and then.