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ePub Mrs. Malory and the Delay of Execution: A Sheila Malory Mystery download

by Hazel Holt

ePub Mrs. Malory and the Delay of Execution: A Sheila Malory Mystery download
Hazel Holt
Thorndike Press; 1 edition (January 2, 2003)
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a Sheila Mallory mystery. I don't the books that take Mrs Malory out of her little village and the surrounding area. But this one was pretty good.

a Sheila Mallory mystery. Sheila has a seasonal job at a prestigious girls' school after a teacher dies. Interesting plot and kept me interested. Once again Hazel Holt, has done it again, Shelia Malory,is asked to step in,and teach at an exclusive girl's school.

The next book, "Delay of Execution", marks something of a comeback, but it still isn't anything much to write home .

The next book, "Delay of Execution", marks something of a comeback, but it still isn't anything much to write home about. The characters are thoroughly two dimensional - even Mrs Malory - and the plot is totally sequential with not a diversion or red herring in sight

Also called Sheila Malory mysteries. Book 8. Mrs. Malory and the Only Good Lawyer. Shelve Mrs. Malory and the Delay of Execution.

Also called Sheila Malory mysteries. Ever the proper British matron, Hazel Holt's del. ore.

Book in the Mrs. Malory Mysteries Series). Working at an exclusive girls' school should have been a pleasure for Sheila Malory - until she begins to suspect murder has taken place. Sheila Malory is delighted if a little terrified to be asked to help out at the prestigious Blakeney's Girls' School after a long break from teaching.

PRAISE FOR HAZEL HOLT’S MRS. MALORY SERIES A soothing, gentle trea. . A Sheila Malory Mystery.The literate, enjoyable Mrs. Sheila Malory is back. The Atlanta Delightful. Malory and Death by Water. Malory and Death in Practice. Malory and the Silent Killer. Malory and No Cure for Death. Malory and a Death in the Family. Malory and a Time to Die. Malory and Any Man’s Death. And. A necessary end. Published by New American Library, a division of.

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Mrs. Malory returns to investigate a rich widow's disappearance after her daughter pressures her mother to sign over a large inheritance. There are many surprises as the dauntless sleuth delves beneath the peaceful surface of village life. Book 3 of Holt's Mrs. Malory mysteries. The 1st book in the delightful British cozy mystery series featuring Sheila Malory, a plain-spoken widow residing in the seaside town of Taviscombe, England.

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Hazel Holt (3 September 1928 – 23 November 2015) was a British novelist. She studied at King Edward VI High School for Girls in Birmingham, England, and then Newnham College, Cambridge. She went on to work at the International African Institute in London, where she became acquainted with the novelist Barbara Pym, whose biography she later wrote. She also finished one of Pym's novels after Pym died

When a schoolteacher at a prep school dies suddenly, Mrs. Malory becomes a substitute teacher. She's more than a little curious about the teacher's untimely death . . .

Included only in Mystery 4 Series.

  • liked

  • It is always fun to follow the cases of Mrs. Malory and her investigatigations. I enjoy the series and have the complete set.

  • an easy relaxing read - a "cozy" - Mr.s Mallory's doggednesss in following her instincts lead to surprising conclusions

  • Much as I've enjoyed the Mrs Malory stories as a series, the quality has fallen off badly in the last two books.
    "Fatal Legacy" was most definitely the best of the series, with the author steadily gaining in style, pace and interest up to that point.
    Then came "Lilies that Fester". I've already reviewed that book so I'll not go into it in detail other than to say it was abyssmal.
    The next book, "Delay of Execution", marks something of a comeback, but it still isn't anything much to write home about.
    The problems are, basically, in the areas highlighted by the reviewer from Seattle. The characters are thoroughly two dimensional - even Mrs Malory - and the plot is totally sequential with not a diversion or red herring in sight.
    This is not to say that the identity of the murder is ever obvious - it isn't, not even to Mrs Malory - and far from our heroine detecting the motive and identity of the "executioner" that person simply owns up on the spur of the moment, even though they clearly are no longer under suspicion.
    As a light read about the kind of politiking that goes on in an English private school the story reads smoothly and is mildly interesting. As a murder mystery, however, it is pretty weak, not least because the author never really engages our sympathy for either of the two women who die.
    In each case there is considerable ambiguity about whether the death was an accident or a murder, but the ambiguity is never developed upon so as to create any real tension. Still, having said that, at just 212 pages this isn't exactly a major tome, and I personally found the plotting substantial enough to hold my attention for the limited amount of time it took me to read the book through to the end.
    In short, the quality of the story telling is still a long way off the author's earlier standard, and whilst it's a pleasant enough time filler, I'd be wary of recommending it to anyone who isn't already a DEDICATED fan of Mrs Malory's adventures, and maybe not even then.

  • When seventh level schoolteacher Margaret Hood died from diabetic coma, the English chair at Blakeney, Laura Wilson, asks former Oxford pal Sheila Malory to teach the class. Reluctantly the renowned literary critic and writer Sheila agrees to teach the five brilliant female eighteen-year-olds as they prepare for their exams.

    The students are easy to work with as they turn out even more intelligent and motivated than advertised. However, Sheila begins to see a dark picture of Margaret emerge from a variety of sources. Learning further that Margaret perished by not taking her insulin, Sheila notices discrepancies in the account making her wonder if the perfect decorum of her pupils hide something more sinister.

    Fans of cozies will enjoy the insightful look at life at the sheltered Birmingham school, sort of a modern day urbanized Miss Read tale. The story line is rich in detail and the key cast members including Margaret are fully developed so that the audience understands their motives. However, the mystery is slow in coming though once Sheila begins having doubts about her predecessor's death, her investigation takes off. Fans of an insular cozy in which the who-done-it begins in the latter half of the novel will relish Hazel Holt's MRS. MALORY AND THE DELAY OF EXECUTION.

    Harriet Klausner

  • this is the first mrs. malory i've read, and i will definitely be reading the rest of the series.

    there are some good elements in the plot, which most mystery readers will at least suspect, but the author does a good job of misdirection and reversing the expected. there's a bit of irony in the conclusion, as well.

    the standard of writing is higher than in many mysteries lately--for instance, the author uses 'plethora' correctly on the first page, which can only be a good thing. more character development would have been better, as well some intereacton between mrs. malory and her students to demonstrate the supposed effect she has on them.

    still, despite it's failings as the perfect mystery, i enjoyed it and will read at least a couple more of the author's series before giving up.