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by Charlotte MacLeod

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Charlotte MacLeod
Mysterious Pr; First Edition edition (March 1, 1989)
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Charlotte MacLeod (November 12, 1922 – January 14, 2005) was a mystery fiction writer. Charlotte (Matilda) MacLeod was born in 1922 in Bath, New Brunswick, Canada, but emigrated to the United States in 1923, and became a naturalized . She attended the Art Institute of Boston. During the late 1940s and early 1950s, she worked as a copywriter for Stop & Shop Supermarkets in Boston

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Charlotte MacLeod (1922-2005) was an internationally bestselling author of cozy mysteries. In her spare time, MacLeod wrote short stories, and in 1964 published her first novel, a children's book called Mystery of the White Knight. Born in Canada, she moved to Boston as a child, and lived in New England most of her life. In Rest You Merry (1978), MacLeod introduced Professor Peter Shandy, a horticulturist and amateur sleuth whose adventures she would chronicle for two decades.

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While tracking down rare weather vanes, Helen Shandy stumbles on a case of arson. The night after Helen photographs the vane atop the famous Lumpkin soap works, the building burns to the ground

While tracking down rare weather vanes, Helen Shandy stumbles on a case of arson. The weather vanes of the famous craftsman Praxiteles Lumpkin are one of the great cultural treasures of rural Massachusetts. Helen Shandy, librarian at Balaclava Agricultural College, is roaming the countryside, camera in hand, capturing images of these lovely copper sculptures, trying to give them the attention they deserve. But each time she takes a picture, the featured vane vanishes. The night after Helen photographs the vane atop the famous Lumpkin soap works, the building burns to the ground. With the help of her husband, Peter, she tries to track the ists.

Another solid performance from MacLeod and the Shandy's.

0 5 Author: Charlotte MacLeod. While tracking down rare weather vanes, Helen Shandy stumbles on a case of arson.

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A gang of thieves determined to steal every Praxiteles Lumpkin weathervane in Balaclava County winds up snatching Helen Shandy as well, and it is up to her husband Peter to set her free
  • This one gets a bit carried away. At one point Helen Shandy and friends are sailing and thrown overboard by some bizarre villains. All because she took pictures of weather vanes for a historical book. The Peter Shandy books are usually fun, this one just is a bit much. It's still a good read, but the rest of Balaclava College is away and it's not as much fun without the president and others on hand.

  • This is an action packed mystery. Helen and her husband, Peter, both have their own action adventure. Peter has to escape from a guerrilla forces and Helen is thrown off a boat and has to survive her way to an island. The mystery is a little out there, but I loved it. The characters are great and the mystery is interesting.

  • Praxiteles Lumpkin traveled the countryside making weather vanes, but in the age of collectors his work is little know. Balaclava college librarian, Helen Shandy is requested to survey the existing artifacts and photograph them. This is work she enjoys, pure research.
    Once Helen takes her shots disaster occurred and the valuable weather vanes disappear, which become much too frequent to be accidents.
    Part of the Peter Shandy series as Helen is his wife, VANE PURSUIT is written in the beloved romping humorous style of the late Charlotte MacLeod.
    Nash Black, author of PRELUDE OF DEATH

  • Years ago, I read this book in Paperback. Since my eyes aren't what they use be and wanted to read them again I found the hard copy. I enjoyed it just as much as I did then. I found the complete series in hard copies from various dealers and I'm having a ball reading the books over again. They are "who done its" but Hilarious to boot. For those who haven't read them I'd highly recommend you do. I think you'll get just as much pleasure as I did.

  • Professor Peter Shandy and his wife Helen are up against it in this amusing tale of theft and mayhem and stolen weather vanes. Assisted by the Fane and Pennon's demon reporter Cronkite Swope, the pair split up to save Balaclava County from dastardly arsonists, dangerous survivalists, and dimwitted pirates.

    A rollicking yarn full of offbeat characters and bizarre connections. Enjoy!

  • Was a fun quick read with interesting characters and situations

  • This is quintessential MacLeod, filled with eccentric characters and hilariously mannered dialogue. One of my favorite cozy mysteries that I regularly re-read just for the fun of it. The story starts with the theft of a famous weather vane, made by the 19th C. itinerant artist Praxiteles Lumpkin, from atop the Lumpkinton Soap Works and takes off from there to visit hobbit holes, a Maine lumberjack school and an eventful whale watch.

  • I first read this book many years ago courtesy of the public library. I fell in love with the works of Charlotte MacLeod, and so I was delighted when I found out Amazon had the book used, in good condition, for such a reasonable price! If you haven't read the series before, get thee to a library and give it a try! Re-reading Vane Pursuit is like a visit from an old friend, with the addition that I now "get" many more of the little literary jokes and references sprinkled through the text. Book was in condition described, slightly worn and yellowed but no marks on inside pages and apparently comes from a smoke-free place. Would I buy again? In a heartbeat!