» » Mind Scrambler: A John Ceepak Mystery (John Ceepak Series)

ePub Mind Scrambler: A John Ceepak Mystery (John Ceepak Series) download

by Chris Grabenstein

ePub Mind Scrambler: A John Ceepak Mystery (John Ceepak Series) download
Chris Grabenstein
Minotaur Books (June 23, 2009)
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John Ceepak Mystery Series. 8 primary works, 9 total works. Chris Grabenstein's award winning Jersey Shore mysteries. Shelve Mind Scrambler.

John Ceepak Mystery Series. Book 1. Tilt-a-Whirl. Hell Hole" is the fourth book in the myster. ore.

Also by chris grabenstein. The John Ceepak Series. Printed in the United States of America

Also by chris grabenstein. Printed in the United States of America. For information, address St. Martin’s Press, 175 Fifth Avenue, New York, . Magic by Bruce Springsteen.

CHRIS GRABENSTEIN Chris Grabenstein . And, of course, it's my partner. He signals for me to pull over. There's another cop with him. Buzz Baines

CHRIS GRABENSTEIN Chris Grabenstein . Buzz Baines. Our brand-new chief of police. Some people thought Ceepak should've taken the top job after what happened here in July. Ceepak wasn't one of them. I'm not sure if Buzz is Baines's real name or if it's just what everybody calls him because he's really an Arnold or a Clarence or something.

Mind Scrambler: A John Ceepak Mystery, Book 5 by Chris Grabenstein, Narrated by Jeff Woodman. 5. Hell Hole: A John Ceepak Mystery, Book 4 by Chris Grabenstein, Narrated by Jeff Woodman. 6. Whack-a-Mole: A John Ceepak Mystery, Book 3 by Chris Grabenstein, Narrated by Jeff Woodman. 7. Mad Mouse: A John Ceepak Mystery, Book 2 by Chris Grabenstein, Narrated by Jeff Woodman.

MIND SCRAMBLER is book number five in the John Ceepak mystery series. And yet Grabenstein tops himself every time! One of the many reasons I enjoy the John Ceepak mysteries so much is the connection of the title to the book. In this caper, Danny (the book's voice) and Ceepak are in Atlantic City deposing a witness set to testify against Ceepak's father. They are doing this deposition purely as a favor to the prosecutor over in Cuyahoga County, Ohio. Part of the whole puzzle is making the connection with the plot. And the significance of Mind Scrambler is probably the greatest of them all.

This way, says Ceepak, indicating how mother and daughter should exit the line snaking about a mile up the boardwalk from the entrance to Big Paddy’s Rolling Thunder, the brand-new, all-wood roller coaster rising up behind us like a humongous humpbacked whale made out of two-by-fours. It’s the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend.

Could’ve caused a serious silicone spill. Ceepak was impressed but reminded me in a whisper that, Magic is the art of misdirection. And I had thought it was real

You can read book Mind Scrambler by Chris Grabenstein in our library for absolutely free. Could’ve caused a serious silicone spill. And I had thought it was real. You just had to go to Hogwarts and study hard.

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John Ceepak and Danny Boyle are making the rounds in Atlantic City when Danny runs into his former crush, Katie  . John Ceepak and Danny Boyle are making the rounds in Atlantic City when Danny runs into his former crush, Katie. It is up to Ceepak and Boyle to find out who killed her.

John Ceepak and Danny Boyle are making the rounds in Atlantic City when Danny runs into his former crush, Katie. She’s working for a magician named Rock, and her life seems to be in better order than Boyle could have hoped for. But Ceepak and Boyle soon find themselves on another case when Katie is found strangled to death. It is up to Ceepak and Boyle to find out who killed her. Their lives and the lives of others depend on it.
  • i was pleasantly surprised to find just how much I am enjoying the "JOHN CEEPAK" series. I was not overly thrilled with the Covers of the books. HOWEVER: The books are fast paced, action packed and fun! The stories are told by "OFFICER BOYLE" , about "OFFICER CEEPAK" both of the SEA HAVEN POLICE DEPARTMENT, SEA HAVEN N.J.
    John Ceepak is Honest to the point of being "quirky"! He is the "grown-up" boy scout, war hardened veteran, a quiet man.
    The books are well written and well told with humor, horror sympathy and action throughout the story.
    This is the third book of the series and I am looking forward to reading more!

  • Ceepak and Danny are in Atlantic City. It's just supposed to be an overnight trip to take a deposition. But Danny runs into former girlfriend Katie Landry. Katie is now working for magician Richard Rock, and his show is in town. Katie manages to score them some nice tickets for that evening's performance. Later, she calls Danny asking to meet him as soon as the show is over. When he goes to meet her, he finds her brutally murdered. As more and more things about her death don't add up, Danny feels more and more confused. Can Ceepak sort through the lies to find the truth?

    I love Sea Haven and was a little disappointed when I discovered this book wasn't set in Ceepak and Danny's normal stomping grounds. But I quickly got over that as I was drawn into the story. I remembered Katie from her earlier appearances in the series. That made me emotionally invested in the outcome. The book took a dark turn, even for this series, that left me feeling very uncomfortable.

    The main draw for me in this series is Ceepak and Danny. I absolutely love their relationship. Since this case is so intensely personal for Danny, we see Ceepak step forward a few times and act like a friend. Yet Danny is taking his responsibilities seriously as well. They truly make a great team.

    The darkness of this book bothered me more than the other books in the series. It is still well worth reading. Just go into it expecting a bit more than some of the others and you'll be fine.

  • Grabenstein takes his cop duo - Ceepak and Boyle to Atlantic City. The boys are there to take a deposition, running into one of Boyle's old girlfriends when they hit town.

    Danny Boyle is asked by his previous girlfriend, Katie Landry, to meet him after the show. Katie is currently a nanny to the children of a master illusionist and his wife who also joins him onstage.

    Boyle and Ceepak take in the show and afterwards Boyle finds Katie murdered in her room. The scene is right out of a bad porn flick - S and M, torture and strangulation.

    The book requires a suspension of belief when the Atlantic City Police Department deputize Boyle and Ceepak and ask them to help investigate the case. Ceepak is his usual high and tight self, Danny devastated by the loss of his friend and former lover.

    The book gives you an inside look at magic and the people who entertain for a living, especially the seamier side.

    Light reading, but fun.

  • Another wonderful Ceepak novel by Grabenstein! I've actually shied away from reading series novels lately because it seems as though the author drags out the story just to publish another book. Not this one. This one made me go out and buy every book in the series so far (and any more that come out in the future!) knowing that I will love every one of them. I love learning about the characters and the area a little at a time. Also, props to Grabenstein for mentioning Erie,PA which is where I was born and raised. I gleefully squealed when I read that. Here's to a long-lived book series!

    ETA: Amazon won't let me delete this review, so let me say that this review is NOT for Mind Scrambler, it's for Whack A Mole. However, I'm currently reading Mind Scrambler, and I still stand by the fact that the story is 5 stars.

  • Danny and Ceepak are at it again! I was wondering how Chris, (the author ) was going to play his books out, not being by "the shore." However, he did a nice job of putting them into a different environment because of the circumstances they we're put in. As always, the plot was amazing and well thought out. For those of you with the faint of heart, "BEWARE!" Constant surprises. ???? ???? ???? ????????

  • I like the way these are told from the point of view of Ceepak's partner, Danny Boyle. Boyle is a lifelong resident of the New Jersey town of Sea Haven and knows the town's residents and businesses while Ceepak is a newcomer. Ceepak is a former Military Policeman and has a very strict code he lives by. Boyle starts as a temporary summer police officer and becomes a permanent officer. By this book (fifth in the series) the partnership and the personalities involved are well established, so you might not understand some of the references. The important characters in this story have been introduced in the previous four novels. The mystery is new and the setting is not Sea Haven, but the reasons for the trip go back to previous stories.

  • I can't get enough of Ceepak and Boyle. Great characters. Fun stories, with mystery, action, and humor woven together in just the right blend. Perfect for summer reading, or for those long winter nights when television just doesn't cut it and you're wanting to spend some relaxing time with literary friends. Since I met them this summer, Ceepak and Boyle have become some of my best literary friends.

    Author Chris Grabenstein, I salute you! But when's the next one coming out? And when it does, I'll be standing in the e-line to grab it. You can for sure roger that!

  • An unsavoury subject dealt with very well. Every mystery holds something different, and this is exactly the same! Illusions and secrecy, not to mention unsavoury characters, make this another unforgettable, enjoyable read!