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ePub Gunshot Road: An Emily Tempest Mystery download

by Adrian Hyland

ePub Gunshot Road: An Emily Tempest Mystery download
Adrian Hyland
Soho Press; First American Edition edition (2010)
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  • Excellent story of Inland Australia.

    This gives a realistic view of the country and people and told a great story.
    Well worth the cost. You could read ten 'cheapies' and not get as much from them as one well written work such as this.

    The characters are well developed, the plot interesting from beginning to end.

    I already know and love the inland country and its people and I enjoyed seeing them represented so will through this work.

    I loved the main character and the ending of the novel. A terrific Australian novel by an excellent author.

  • As with his previous Diamond Dove, Hyland does a great job of portraying the characters, countryside and folk law of outback Australia. He lends little time to explanation of some of the terms - which perhaps might make his stories a bit hard to follow for those not accustomed to the lifestyles he describes. But for anyone with even a little familiarity, he paints a truly realistic picture.
    I, for one, would welcome a sequel - or perhaps a continuation of the Emily Tempest saga.

  • After reading Diamond Dove I could hardly wait to meet up with Emily Tempest again and follow her on another investigation unto the secrets and mysteries of life outback. A fabulous cast of characters and the background is alive with anecdote, song, stories and Emily's wry and cynical observations on the land, the people and herself. A gripping unputdownable novel.

  • 3 stars because the very interesting wiev and innsigth of the inland Australia and the situation of the originally inhabitants. Very well written, but the authour lets his heroine go through the most horrible violence

  • Bluebush’s latest Aboriginal Community Police Officer was Emily Tempest – no one could believe what she had decided to do. Emily bucked at authority; flaunted the law and spoke her mind – all the time. How on earth was she going to stay on the right side of the law as well as keep the peace? But her first day on the job found her disagreeing with her new boss – in her mind he was arrogant and had no idea about the community and how it all worked out in the bush. Newly arrived from Queensland, the differences couldn’t have been more noticeable.

    When they were called to Green Swamp Well Roadhouse to investigate a death, Cockburn said it was an open and shut case; bundled his suspect into the van and sent him to the jail in Alice Springs. But Emily was certain Cockburn was wrong – and she decided to prove it. With her boss not listening to Emily’s concerns, she decided to take matters into her own hands. And immediately set herself on a path of danger, evil and destruction…

    I thoroughly enjoyed Aussie author Adrian Hyland’s second Emily Tempest novel – I loved Diamond Dove, the first in the series, and Gunshot Road didn’t disappoint. This series is a great portrayal of life in the Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory of Australia, where the different mobs have to interact with the white people; their close mateship throughout their communities; their fear and mistrust of the white man. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Gunshot Road which is filled with mystery, suspense and tension.

  • Adrian Hyland has captured the essence, the beauty and savagery of central Australia. Emily Tempest, the new Community Police officer is assigned to Sergeant Cockburn's station and from the first moment she arrives, is surrounded by rampant testosterone and suspicion. Having a white father, she is caught between the races, but knows and is sympathetic to both.

    The murder of an elderly geologist sparks a flame inside Emily. Something doesn't "fit" and in spite of her fellow police officers insisting that the victim's friend - who drunkenly sleeps through the murder - is the murderer, Emily is sure that this is not the case.

    Along the way, Emily realises that in spite of Sergeant Cockburn's "work by the rule book" approach, he is a man struggling with his own family problems. Brutal, hard living turns into betrayal and murder and costing Emily humiliation and almost her own life as she follows the clues to the truth about the murder of the elderly geologist.

    Brilliantly written and perfectly paced, Hyland shows the imagery of the bush combined with an accurate portrayal of the problems of the black people in the Red Centre and the effect of mining on the natural landscape.

    . An incredible book which draws the reader into the lives of those in the police, the townships, the tribes and the mining camps, showing the grit, determination and degradation of living in beautiful Outback Australia.

    Highly recommended and I will be reading the first Emily Tempest story.