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by Linda Barnes

ePub Coyote (Coronet Books) download
Linda Barnes
Coronet; New Ed edition (1992)
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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. The visit of a mysterious Hispanic woman requesting aid in discovering her missing green card embroils Boston private detective Carlotta Carlyle in the dangerous world of illegal aliens.

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Linda Barnes is the award-winning author of the Carlotta Carlyle mystery series. Her witty, private investigator heroine has been hailed as a true original by Sue Grafton. Barnes has also written the Michael Spraggue mystery series and a stand-alone novel, The Perfect Ghost. A winner of the Anthony Award and an Edgar and Shamus Award finalist, she lives in the Boston area with her husband and son. You can visit her at ww. indaBarnes.

Coronet Books was established in 1966 as the paperback imprint of Hodder & Stoughton. The imprint was closed in 2004 but then relaunched in 2010, publishing fiction and non-fiction in hardback and paperback, including works by Chris Ryan, Lorna Byrne, and Auberon Waugh. The French Connection – Robin Moore. The Anderson Tapes – Lawrence Sanders (1971). The Shakeout - Ken Follett (1975). Bring on the Empty Horses – David Niven (1977).

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Linda Barnes (Goodreads Author), . Coyote (Coronet Books). Published by Coronet. Paperback, 272 pages. Author(s): Linda Barnes (Goodreads Author).

Linda Barnes (Goodreads Author), . Critt (Narrated by). ISBN: 0788700367 (ISBN13: 9780788700361). ISBN: 0340562420 (ISBN13: 9780340562420).

Find nearly any book by Linda Barnes. Get the best deal by comparing prices from over 100,000 booksellers. Deep Pockets (St. Martin's Minotaur Mysteries). ISBN 9780312997281 (978-0-312-99728-1) Softcover, St. Martin's Paperbacks, 2004.

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Coyote by Linda Barnes (Paperback, 1993).

Coyote by Linda Barnes (Paperback, 1993). Title: Coyote (Coronet Books). Authors: Barnes, Linda. Read full description.

  • Linda Barnes does a phenomenal job of painting a riveting and realistic underground scene.

  • This book has Interesting believable characters, an atmospheric Boston setting and a thoughtful storyline about South American immigrants. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  • I like this series more after each book that I read. Good story line and Carlotta is a very interesting character.

  • To the powers that be: Please re-release this wonderful book, one of the best by Linda Barnes, and certainly worthy of attention from readers new and old.
    In this Carlotta Carlyle classic, a serial killer is stalking Hispanic women, all illegal aliens, in Carlotta's native Boston. The murders are grisly and vicious, and fear of being sent back to their equally grisly and vicious native lands are keeping the victims' friends from talking. Carlotta finds herself in the middle of the trouble after an anonymous woman asks for help--and it's soon Carlotta herself who needs the help.
    As readers of these mysteries know, Carlotta has a beloved "little sister," a Hispanic child named Paolina, whom the detective loves dearly. But with the dark mystery threatening the Hispanic community, Paolina changes overnight from a sunny, bright and loving child to one who is surly and uncommunicative. Is Paolina's mother Marta in danger from the serial killer? Is Paolina herself being threatened? What is the secret they will not reveal?
    Even though this reader guessed the killer about halfway through the book, it in no way detracted from the great story, and chilling secrets revealed in the end.
    A great read, and worth digging for.

  • After reading the reviews and editorial blurbs about this one I didn't expect to like it. Everything seemed too goooood, what with a female PI big sister, illegal aliens, poverty, ya dee yaa dee yaa. I'm honestly not certain why I tried it on.
    I'm glad I did. Boston's changed a lot from the city I lived in during the early 1960s, but not so much it isn't recognizable and enjoyable. The characters don't beat the reader over the head with the social ills we all know about. We aren't preached to with in-your-face feminism, mostly, and there's a degree of finesse when it happens at all. In those instances it passes for a more-or-less legitimate young female with attitude, arguing about who gets to drive and why, who pays the check, etc etc etc, realism we don't have to like in the character to believe in a way to suggest it's not so much a social bludgeoning as actual characterization.
    I was never tempted to trash this book before I finished it. I don't believe you'll be, either.

  • Carlotta Carlyle is a tall, red-headed, wisecracking, volleyball-playing private investigator who drives a cab on the side. This case begins when a young immigrant woman comes to Carlotta and asks for her help in recovering a green card which she claims is hers and which was found on a woman who was brutally murdered. When Carlotta begins investigating, she becomes embroiled with Immigration officials, drug lords, and so-called "coyotes" who make a profit from people who are desparate to enter the U.S. She senses that her little sister (as in Big Sisters) Paolina is somehow involved and this puts up a wall between Paolina, her mother, and Carlotta. Adding a little spice is the handsome young INS man who flirts with Carlotta and tempts her to betray Sam, who is on a trip abroad.

    All of these elements combine to produce a book which is sure to please fans of Linda Barnes and Carlotta Carlyle.

  • Illegal aliens, immigration officers, fear and distrust combine for a great book. The author has intertwined the abuse and turmoil illegal aliens face and written an interesting and captivating tale. The main character, Carlotta, standing six-one with red hair, demonstrates her strength while maintaining her allegiance to others. As the dead bodies emerge, Carlotta is determined to identify the victims and find the killer. The police can't get fingerprints and the people who might know something won't talk. Mix in the tender relationship Carlotta has with her 'little sister' Paolina, the complicated relationship with her ex boss, and the drive she maintains to solve the crime, and you have a book you don't want to put down. The variety of characters created by the author provide a humorous, yet realistic, aspect to the book. Very entertaining and enjoyable to read.

  • Carlotta Carlyle stories are pretty good detective yarns, so why not more readers reflective with more reviews? COYOTE is a short tale, and the third book in the series by Linda Barnes. Over six feet tall and pretty tough, hey, she drives a cab in Boston when not in her PI mode. In this one Carlyle is deep in illegal aliens and that turns out to be a very dangerous place. Barnes does a great job keeping the pace fast and yet making Carlyle a very real person. Series an book, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED