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by Desmond Bagley

ePub Running Blind download
Desmond Bagley
Chivers Large print (Chivers, Windsor, Paragon & C (October 1, 1993)
Thrillers & Suspense
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Desmond Bagley’s most popular book is Running Blind (Slade #1).

Books by Desmond Bagley. Showing 30 distinct works. Running Blind (Slade by. Desmond Bagley.

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Desmond Bagley was born in 1923, in Kendal, a rural town in England's scenic Lake District. Running Blind' is a very apt title for this book, as Stewart is up against his former service, the Russians, the Americans, as well as an old nemesis. He left school aged fourteen and worked for a number of years in the aircraft industry before embarking on an adventure - travelling to South Africa by road and supporting himself along the way by working in gold and asbestos mines.

Running Blind (Desmond Bagley novel). Running Blind is a first person narrative espionage thriller novel by English author Desmond Bagley, first published in 1970 with a cover by Norman Weaver. Ex-MI-6 spy Alan Stewart is coerced by his former masters to undertake a very simple final mission – to deliver a small parcel to a man in Iceland. The mission should be simple for Stewart, as he happens to be fluent in Icelandic, and has an Icelandic girlfriend.

Running Blind Audiobook by Desmond Bagley.

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Books by Desmond Bagley: The Spoilers, Juggernaut. Agent Running in the Field. The Spoilers, Juggernaut. 10. Running Blind, the Freedom Trap. High Citadel, Landslide.

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It all begins with a simple errand - a package to deliver. Back in the 1960s and even 1970s, Desmond Bagley was easily one of the best thriller writers around. As a rule, his books tend to be short and to the point, filled with action and marked with innovative ideas.

  • Hunted out this book that I first read as a teenager, and saw as a TV series on the BBC back in the 1970s. Desmond Bagley's books are always inventive and different, and it's difficult to anticipate how the narrative and the plots will develop. Set in Iceland when the Cold war was at its height, this is one of his best, a terrific pace and a twisting plot I thoroughly enjoyed the re-reading, but life, and technology, has certainly changed since the book was written

  • One of the first Bagley's I read umpty ump years ago. Loved the page turning cold war era thriller. It introduced me to Iceland and have loved adventure stories about Iceland ever since. One thing missing in this copy I believe i could be wrong in the original is maps very important to follow the story. So I found one copied it and stuck it in the back for future reference..

  • What a thrilling story set in fantastic scenery. The characters, emotions and sense of the chase are conveyed so well. A great read!

  • This is a really great British spy story.

  • Received a ragged, dirty copy of this book today. The print is so small I cannot read it and it is so dirty I don't want to touch it.

  • Desmond Bagley is my favourite adventure writer ahead of Adam Hall and Alastair Maclean (although they are both close). With Bagley, you are guaranteed to have a solidly written book that is not too long, not that convoluted and fairly much down to earth, his heroes are very much average men as a rule.

    In this novel, Bagley has diverted from his norm but taking a former spy and having him coerced by his former superior to deliver an unknown package to a man. Sounds too simple to be true and understandably the spy is cautious. The story takes many twists and turns from there and I won't spoil any of it, suffice to say that the conclusion is the usual Bagley firefight and suspension of belief at certain points.

    I must admit that this novel was not entirely to my liking, Bagley seemed to be testing a new kind of adventure story to his norm and at times it showed. Little bit too much violence and the conclusion was a little far-fetched.

    I think the biggest issue was that everything felt a little forced and contrived, while I read it all, I wasn't loving it.

  • British agent Alan Stewart is dragged out of self-imposed exile for a simple job, to deliver a package. But when the delivery goes wrong, Stewart suddenly finds himself persued through Iceland from all sides. 'Running Blind' is a very apt title for this book, as Stewart is up against his former service, the Russians, the Americans, as well as an old nemesis. His only real asset is local knowledge and contacts thanks to his Icelandic girlfriend Erin, and together the two of them race from hideout to hideout across the back-blocks of Iceland. What was in the package? Can Stewart trust anyone? Is his boss, Slade, selling him out?

    In general, I prefer Bagley's man-against-the-environment thrillers to his more conventional spy thrillers. Bagley is better at the former, whereas his spy thrillers are a bit too cliched, especially in the characterisation. Stewart is almost too typical of the cool, dry-witted, wisecracking spy hero....even under threat of having his vital parts cut off he remains ultra-cool. It doesn't help that Bagley's first-person narration gives us little insight into Stewart's emotions. Erin is a better character, quite strong willed and capable. The dynamic between the two leads is interesting; Stewart depends on her knowledge of Iceland but at the same time is reluctant to involve her too deeply. Of the antagonists, the duplicious Slade is given a bit of humanity; behind the ruthlessness is a hint of the stress and tension of maintaining two faces for so long.

    It was a little different from some of Bagley's early books, although there is still some sense of Stewart fighting the hostile environment of Iceland as much as his enemies. And Stewart is able to exploit the landscape (flooding rivers, boiling geysers, lava deposits) to escape his persuers. I'm not sure that all the story threads quite make sense, and the revelation of what was in the package is almost too clever and tricky to satisfy. I'd say it's not quite in the same class as 'High Citadel' or 'Wyatt's Hurricane', but fans of the genre will still find plenty to like here.

    [3.5 stars]