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Calmann-Lévy; CALMANN-LEVY edition
Thrillers & Suspense
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Deciphering the Atlantis Codes. Hi, I'm a History Detective, these are my Investigations.

Deciphering the Atlantis Codes.

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THE ATLNTIS CODE THE ATLNTIS CODE CHARLES BROKAW A TOM DOHERTY ASSOCIATES BOOK NEW YORK This is a work of fiction. All of the characters, organizations, and events portrayed. Published by Tom Doherty Associates, LLC. 175 Fifth Avenue.

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A fog enveloped his mind. He knew from the uncomfortable way he was sleeping that he wasn’t at home him. Before he could sort things. Before he could sort things out, bright light stabbed into his eyes. He growled a curse and covered his eyes with a forearm. You have to see the news. They’re talking about Yuliya Hapaev. Dead? That got Lourds’s attention and burned away the fog in his mind

  • I really like the fast paced action in this novel. The novel had mystery, intrigue, Catholic church shenanigans and just enough WOW! to keep me turning pages. However there are several plot lines that didn't work out for me or felt incomplete such as why there isn't more background story about the Keepers; why did the Keepers just disappear from the story; why was Gary shown to be very knowledgeable and intuitive about the mysteries in the story but then gets left out of the main story?

    The main thing I didn't like about the story was the romantic interests. The older but handsome Harvard professor is joined by a beautiful, well-connected British reporter and by a beautiful, well-trained, deadly Russian police officer. Both women are initially depicted as strong women, both capable of holding their own in a fight. The reporter uses her connections to negotiate financing and all logistic needs for the groups' globe-trotting needs. The police officer is deadly and skilled like James Bond and handles all the heavy lifting in the novel. But by midway through the novel the professor is portrayed as naive catnip for these two women, in between dodging bad guys and traveling all around the world. Soon after the professor and women devolve into a stereotypical, jilted lovers triangle with some PG-rated sex scenes. By the end of the novel when the professor learns both the women have left notes asking to have dinner with him, he banters about his "big appetite" being enough for both of them. I believe this trope may have been intended as comedy relief but it just makes me believe the author may have been projecting personal fantasies. Regardless the reason, the regression of the women's roles in the story leaves a bad taste.

  • The Atlantis Code is an action/adventure/historical novel about a professor who is asked to identify an ancient language on a musical instrument found in Egypt. He meets the TV show host in Alexandria and then examines the artifact in question. Before long, the ancient cymbol is stolen by a group of killers. The chase begins. The professor, the TV host, the camera man, and eventually a beautiful cop from Russia hunt for more musical instruments that have something to do with Atlantis. They aren't the only ones looking for the instruments. The Catholic Church has been digging in Cadiz, Spain. Their crew found a network of caves that appear to be Atlantis. A cardinal who leads a secret society has other ideas for all of these discoveries.
    My Review: This book reminded me a great deal of Dan Brown. Lots of history, lots of action, and not much character development. I loved it. Charles Brokaw is now made the list of favorite authors. I will be reading more of his work. I really enjoyed the research he put into the novel as well as his imagination in incorporating Atlantis in archeology. The characters were a little one dimensional, but so are Dan Brown's characters. The story is too good to get hung up on all of their back-stories. This book entertained and informed. /5/5 Stars.

  • This was my first book by Charles Brokaw, and it certainly won't be the last. I had this book on my TBR list, and I really should have read it long ago. It is my favorite genre - action/adventure/thriller with archaeology thrown in the mix. I especially love when it is an adventure where a person or a team or people are looking for a lost relic or city.

    This story did not disappoint. Dr. Thomas Lourds is a ladies' man (although a very nice one) and an expert in linguistics. Who better to help decipher a language from ancient relics that may have been intended to help unlock the mysteries of the fabled lost city of Atlantis? If you are on the fence about reading this, I suggest that you go for it. It's a great read.

  • Excellent book, very similar to DaVinci Code but more imaginative. The main characters aren't quite fleshed out, either. Lourds is all about the search for knowledge, Leslie is about the next big story, and Natashya is about revenge. They all have a sex drive occasionally too, to spice things up. Not a bad read, closest to the Dan Brown books I've read yet.

  • I was thoroughly entranced by this story as soon as I began reading. The characters are interesting and diverse, and the conclusion well organized. At times, interpersonal relationships and characters were a bit trite, although they fit the story line. The contrasts between good guys and bad guys were well done...the adventure is a bit like The DaVinci Code, a bit like James Bond, and a bit like Indiana Jones. Overall, delightful. I look forward to the next Thomas Lourds novel .

  • It's easy to take the side of the scholarly linguist, in this quest. Thomas Lourds, his lovely producer of a TV show of the search for possibly the greatest religious relic in a legendary location, a beautiful Russian police woman and a sidekick/ cameraman are the protagonists. A power hungry Cardinal and his partners are the obstacles.

    This classic '' save for the public good'' or '' secret away for private gain'' is very well put together. It reads logically with regards to biblical history. The plot uses 5 or 6 countries for locations. There's action galore and romance enough to keep one entertained for this in depth novel. I liked it a lot.

  • The invention of a historical context in which to couch this adventure was intriguing, but lacked a little depth. The main characters were sympathetic, the villains, despicable. Overall the book was similar to an exhilarating old fashioned western, plenty of action, a little romance and a clear line between good and evil.

  • Fast paced from beginning to end never knowing what was around the next turn. Thought provoking, taking you places not even considered. I'll be getting the other Thomas Lourds' books and would recommend him to anyone looking for flat out entertainment