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Century (2008)
Thrillers & Suspense
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John Grisham - The Client Series . Chapter 16. 1 HE LIGHT RAIN HAD STOPPED IN TIME FOR THE RUSH OF secretaries who moved in hurried groups of three and four along the damp sidewalks in pursuit of lunch. The sky was gray and the streets were wet.

John Grisham - The Client Series -. (Mystery, Thriller ) In a weedy lot on the outskirts of Memphis, two boys watch a shiny Lincoln pull up to the curb. Eleven-year-old Mark Sway.

John Grisham - The Firm Series .

John Grisham - The Firm Series -. (Mystery, Thriller ) Mitchell McDeere, raised in the coal-mining region of rural Kentucky, has worked hard to get where he is: third in his class at Harvard La. At the intersection of Madison and Cooper in midtown, the old two-story buildings had been renovated into singles bars and watering holes and gift shops and a handful of good restaurants. The intersection was known as Overton Square, and it provided Memphis with its best nightlife.

Home John Grisham The Testament.

Home John Grisham Sycamore Ro. Page 16. Ian, the number cruncher, did not need a calculator.

Home John Grisham Sycamore Row. Home. Part of Jake Brigance series by John Grisham.

Grisham books here include everything from The Firm to A Time to Kill. The Rainmaker is a 1995 novel by John Grisham. This was Grisham's sixth novel. What are the best John Grisham novels of all time? Vote on this list and help us definitively answer that question. It differs from most of his other novels in that it is written almost completely in the simple present tense.

Finding books BookSee BookSee - Download books for free. John Grisham - A Time to Kill. 124 Kb. John Grisham - Skipping Christmas.

John Grisham's signature suspense comes to the literary world in this Florida-set thriller involving blackmarket books and secret heists. The Whistler by John Grisham - Street date October 25, 2016. Find this Pin and more on Coming Soon to a Bookshelf Near You! by Seneca Public Library District.

The Appeal by John Grisham
  • The Appeal is masterfully written and terrifying in its content. The Appeal is basically about gross corruption in the election process of State Supreme Court justices. While the story is a work of fiction, it illustrates the use of all manner of dirty tricks and huge amounts of illegal money devoted by big business, insurance companies, drug companies, etc. to buy seats on all levels of the courts to serve their own interests. That leaves the average citizen no relief in personal injury cases, product likability OK cases, etc. It is a very timely subject.and should be a "must rear" for every citizen.

  • As usual, Grisham was masterful. His superb deconstruction of the unconscionable effects of money in our political process is deadly accurate (literally). His incisive descriptions of the contrast between the callous, self-centered rich .01% and the working class communities they disregard and manipulate is second to none. In particular, he brilliantly describes how hot button wedge issues can be cleverly combined and framed to manipulate conservative-leaning voters to disregard their own interests. And, he paints vivid pictures of the decidedly unlevel playing field on which modern political machinations occur - without any preachiness. This story is engaging, compelling and, ultimately, profoundly disturbing. But, it is so well told I con only rate it a five-star effort.

    I’m not sure how I overlooked this as it was apparently written in 2007. I’m very glad I discovered it a highly recommend it to any Grisham fan!

  • Disappointing!! I turned the last page looking for more - maybe a little redemption. But storyline is left hanging. Hopefully there's a sequel because it not, this book is a total bust. Grisham has had some amazing can't-put-down-books but this one wasn't one of them. Don't spend money on it...wait to pick it up at a garage sale.

  • The details that make up this plot are so complicated and involved. I see this is how it all works behind the scenes in American politics, especially in today's bipartisan jungle. It a tough one to put down. Bravo Mr Grisham.

  • The Appeal's handling of its complex plot-theme by Grisham was, in my opinion, first-rate. First there is the description of the verdict handed down by the jury for the poisoning of water supply by Krane Chemical, a corporation owned by a wealthy group headed by industrialist and investor Carl Trudeau. As evil as Trudeau is portrayed, and righteously so, he naturally reacts to the outrageous amount of money to compensate for damages. The book, in its intricate plot, also involves a state supreme court justice who is at the end of her term. So Trudeau hires a firm who finds a candidate who can be manipulated and has the personality to defeat this incumbent justice. Every aspect of the plot-theme is important to the book, and Grisham spins this yarn with unerring skill and intelligence. Characters are realistic and their situations are also real. I don't agree with some who think the Paytons are altruistic; certainly they are not portrayed as such, but are realistically portrayed as specific attorneys who have risked their assets for a chance at success. The crisis that Ron Fisk encounters, along with his eventual ruling on the appeal are incidences that add to the suspense built into the novel. I have always opined that Grisham was a modern-day romantic realist, and certainly the way plots are intertwined, plots are well-focused to the main story, and principal characters that are not stereotyped serve to support my view. I can expect that many readers will not like the ending. However, one of the aims of the romantic realist writer is to tell his story with some passion. Even if that passion contains strong elements of cynicism. Here, Grisham succeeds, and has presented me, the reader, with a very compelling novel. Worth it!

  • This book is published by Doubleday a division of Random house. I lost my original copy by Random House. So wanted to finish the book so ordered fromAmazon. So disappointed as this is not the quality of My original by Random House. I not enjoy reading my books I take pride in the paper of the books. The Doubleday publication is a smaller book. If this doesn’t bother you enjoy the book by John Grisham. I’m a fan of his work. John gets 5 stars.

  • Not on the class with Grisham's "Sycamore Row" but better than most of what passes as fiction novels today. A good story though I felt the author left the reader hanging by not bringing the story to a definite end.

  • Like most John Drisham novels, this one is principally set in a small now in the South. A comapny, the Krane Chemical Corporation. is alleged to have so badfly contaminated the ground water so that iti is undrinkable. A number of locals have died, allegedly from drinking the local water, which apparently causes cancer. A husband and wife law parternship, Mary and Wes Payton, has prosecurted Krane, in the name of one client, a black woman named Jenneter Baker The Paytons have lost ltheir house, cars, and life in pursuit of justice for her. They have also signed up about 30 other plantiffs. Jarid Kurtin and his team of defense lawyers are defending. Krane Chemical has packed up and moved to Mexico, leaving a legal mess behind them. The judge is Harrison. The fnancing of the prosecution team has been Huffy a local the banker who has gotten hs bank to have loaned money to the prodecurtion team. Mary and Wes Payton won a fabulous victory at the trial,.obtaining an unheardof award of $41 miillion against Krane Chemical. In NYC, Karl Trudeau, a weathy owner of much of Krane, will decides to fight the verdict on appeal. The ins and outs of the appeal process are fascinating. I highly recommend this books to anyone who believes in justicc and that chemical companies may behave awfully. I plan to read it again, even though I know how it comes out. .