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by Erica Abbott

ePub Fragmentary Blue download
Erica Abbott
Bella Books (March 20, 2012)
Thrillers & Suspense
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Erica Abbott's debut novel, Fragmentary Blue, has been awarded an Alice B. Lavender Certificate for 2013.

Erica Abbott has been an attorney for nearly thirty years, many spent . I loved Fragmentary Blue. Excellent mix of police work, romance and friendship.

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Fragmentary Blue is a sizzling novel of forbidden attraction and heart-pounding tension from an exciting . Fragmentary Blue - Erica Abbott.

Fragmentary Blue Abbott Erica Неизвестно 9781594932748 : .

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St. Clair's success as a police officer has brought her a new job and a fresh start with Internal Affairs in Colfax, Colorado.

Erica Abbott has been an attorney for nearly thirty years, many spent working with law enforcement . Fragmentary Blue, Finalist in Lesbian Debut Author. Certain Dark Things, Finalist in Lesbian Mystery/Thriller.

C.J. St. Clair’s success as an Internal Affairs investigator in her hometown of Savannah, Georgia, has brought her a new job and a fresh start in Colfax, Colorado. Among the many welcome sights on her new horizons is Alex Ryan, the head of Detective Unit.Captain Ryan loves her department, her detectives and her family. Loving another woman isn’t in the game plan, but C.J.’s southern charms are difficult to ignore.Romantic possibilities are crushed when a murder and scandal erupt within Alex’s command. The system they have both sworn to uphold makes them enemies separated by mounting evidence—and there is no honorable way to cross the divide.Fragmentary Blue is a sizzling novel of forbidden attraction and heart-pounding tension from an exciting new writer!
  • I loved Fragmentary Blue. Excellent mix of police work, romance and friendship. I love this author and will continue to read this series.

  • When you select a new novel from a new author, you never quite know if their style and the characters they create will be to your liking. I think this is a fantastic read, and one, once I started could not put down until I had read the entire story. I thought C.J was a great character with a lot of humour, honesty and charm. The main characters were more mature and the author didnt get caught up trying to make them seem insecure like many other authors do. The 'coming out' storyline was more realistic and mature then I have read in the past.
    Lastly if you have ever had anything to do with working for the police or the military etc you will understand how much Internal investigators are disliked and distrusted. The fact that I liked C.J almost within the first chapter is a testament to understanding the complexities of the internal workings of a police organisation and challenging yourself as a writer to create a hero out of a widely accepted 'devoid of personality/friends/feelings' character. In laymans terms ABBOTT has carved out an angel from the foundation of personified evil!!
    I will certainly be purchasing the next book and anything else the author writes based on this book alone.

  • Loved the characters of CJ and Alex, two strong, beautiful intellegent women who manage to fall in love in spite of the circumstances. I really look forward to the seguel, both for the continuation of their growing relationship and for another glimps of CJ's past. inspite the fact that CJ had to invade and investigate Alex's life as a Police Captain accused of murder, both women found the strength to believe in one another to make things work. I would also like to read more on Vivian, CJ's best friend who added an extra fun element to a great story.
    I greatly recommend this book.

  • Please read. I never give too much with each review but I will say if it is a good story. This is fun and introduces new people to learn about and love. In case you have not realized...none of us is perfect. You will enjoy this new story.

  • This was a very good book, very interesting the only thing that kept me from giving it a five was instead of the author saying 'thank ya' she has her character say 'thank ya'll." even if the main character was talking to one person, it got so annoying I found myself skipping the paragraphs that the character said the word in, it made it seem as though the character wasn't really from the south and she was lying about it and her detective romance partner should have picked up on that.

  • I enjoyed the story but felt that the characters fell too quickly in love with one another. The emotional climb that is usually indicative of the romance genre just wasn't really present in this book. I think this could have been better with some serious pining written into the narrative. That being said, though, the writing was decent and the story enjoyable so I'll probably read something else by this author.

  • I loved the storyline and characters in this story. The mystery had me stumped from the start. Usually I have a good idea of who the killer is but not in this one. I really loved it when the Comedy lines where thrown it...

  • I read this book in one sitting! I really enjoy a romantic story with a strong story line and gripping dialogue. This book gave me some of all these elements that i so love in a book.
    The dialogue was serious at times, made me chuckle on others, and I daresay that I have had at least a few laugh out loud moments as well.

    I loved the fact that the heroines are both strong women, and that the story flow was so well thought out. This really is a must read.