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by Clive Cussler

ePub Shock Wave download
Clive Cussler
Simon Pulse (October 1, 1998)
Thrillers & Suspense
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Shockwave By Clive Cussler.

Shockwave By Clive Cussler. Raft of the gladiator.

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Clive Cussler grew up in Alhambra, California. He later attended Pasadena City College for two years, but then enlisted in the Air Force during the Korean War where he served as an aircraft mechanic and flight engineer in the Military Air Transport Service

Clive Cussler grew up in Alhambra, California. He later attended Pasadena City College for two years, but then enlisted in the Air Force during the Korean War where he served as an aircraft mechanic and flight engineer in the Military Air Transport Service. Upon his discharge, he became a copywriter and later creative director for two leading ad agencies.

Clive Cussler began writing in 1965 when his wife took a job working nights for the local .

Clive Cussler began writing in 1965 when his wife took a job working nights for the local police department where they lived in California. After making dinner for the kids and putting them to bed he had no one to talk to and nothing to do so he decided to start writing. His most famous creation is marine engineer, government agent and adventurer Dirk Pitt. Seventeen books have had a character named Hunt appear in the opening prologues, usually dying. shock wave - shock waves also shockwave 1) N COUNT A shock wave is an area of very high pressure moving through the air, earth, or water.

A sunday times bestseller. Cussler is hard to beat' Daily Mail. The thirteenth adrenaline-filled Dirk Pitt classic from multi-million-copy king of the adventure novel, Clive Cussler.

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A shock wave is a type of propagating disturbance in a fluid, gas, or plasma medium. Shockwave may also refer to: Shockwave (comics), comic book character in Marvel Comics. Joe), 1988 toy/action figure (and later comic book character). Shockwave (Transformers), comic book character. Shock Wave (novel), a 1996 novel written by Clive Cussler. Shockwave, the novelization of the Star Trek: Enterprise episode, see List of Star Trek: Enterprise novels.

Clive Cussler is the author or coauthor of over fifty previous books in five bestselling series, including Dirk Pitt® .

Clive Cussler is the author or coauthor of over fifty previous books in five bestselling series, including Dirk Pitt®, NUMA® Files, Oregon® Files, Isaac Bell, and Sam and Remi Fargo.

Dirk Pitt® is the world's greatest adventure hero -- a man of action who lives by his wits and daring. As Special Projects Director for the U.S. National Underwater and Marine Agency (NUMA), he is cool and courageous, with a love of fast cars and extreme danger. After an unknown force kills thousands of marine animals plus nearly two hundred people aboard a cruise ship, Dirk Pitt traces the destruction back to a merciless Australian millionaire. From a chilling escape at a high-security diamond mine to a tiny boat adrift on lonely, shark-infested seas, the ingenious Dirk Pitt races to stop a madman's ruthless plans -- before an unthinkable disaster claims millions of innocent lives!
  • I've been a follower of Clive Cussler for many years and have enjoyed many of his books. In Shock wave, something is killing every living creature within certain grids of the Pacific ocean and surrounding seas, which draws Pitt and NUMA into investigating the events and searching for the cause. When Pitt discovers a cruise ship filled with corpses, he checks a nearby island and discovers a group of surviving passengers and their tour guide, Maeve, who becomes Pitt's love interest in the story.

    I always enjoy the first story in a Cussler book, in this case, the beginnings of a diamond dynasty almost two centuries earlier. Arthur Dorsett, the current day descendant, is also Maeve's father, whom she ran away from at a younger age. Mr. Dorsett has recently kidnapped Maeve's twin boys and blackmailed her to infiltrate the government and steal secrets related to the diamond industry. Pitt promises Maeve that he will rescue her two boys from Dorsett"s heavily fortified island. Dorsett is so rich that money solves all his problems. It is humorous to see how many pockets in the world hold payola from this man, and thus, allow him to run rampant and get whatever he wants while circumnavigating laws, policies, et al.

    Mr. Dorsett's and his other two daughters are within weeks of crushing the diamond industry. Their new technology makes it easy to mine the raw diamonds from his four island mines, which circle the Pacific, and produce enough raw stones to crash the market and make diamonds worthless. They are also aware of a by-product of their new technology; harnessing it to achieve their goals, and then covering up the destructive evidence. Once Pitt and company learn about the byproduct, they set out to destroy a dynasty and save the world. But at what cost?

    I felt certain parts were bogged down with excessive technical information that I had absolutely no interest in learning. However, Shock Wave is a good story and worth the read.

  • This story contains all the Dirk Pitt and Al Giorindo long time readers of the series expect, historical past leads to today's adventures with action, tension , fear, and relief.
    The beautiful woman, the evil plan, and our favorite guys in the heat of the action with the reader anxious of how or will they solve this latest mystery.
    I find Clive Cussler stories something I can't wait to read and discover the ending with this book one of his best I have read so far. I always enjoy the mix of some history along with something that might be reality in this crazy world we find ourselves.

  • It has been some time since I've read a Dirk Pitts book. This one started out well, groundwork was laid, characters and storyline were developed. Somewhere along the way, however, my interest began to lag, and by the end I'd been skimming for awhile. Pitt used at least three of his nine lives by the climax and the ending was quite melancholy. It will be awhile before I read another Dirk Pitt novel.... at least until I forget why I quit them again.

  • Every time I read another Clive Cussler novel I am astonished that it seems to be better than the Cussler novels I have read before. Today I was in a restaurant at lunch biting my fingernails as I read about Dirk and Al fighting their way out of a tough situation at the Arthur Dorsett compound. I don't know how all readers of this book haven't all given it a five star. It's that good. Too much ground is covered to give much of a synopsis, but the general bullet point is that Arthur Dorsett is one of the world's richest men, having inherited the world's largest company that mines and sells diamonds, crystal and shaded. He is a recluse, but is a greedy butcher that will kill anyone or anything that threatens his ability to increase his profits. His latest mining procedure causes an audible sound that travels for thousands of miles from his island mines and kills marine life, animals and humans it comes in contact with . . . and NUMA must do what it can to stop him.

  • There's a class of adventure/thriller novels where the bad guy sniper never misses a shot 'til Our Hero bends over to tie his shoe and the bullet zings past where Our Hero's head was a moment before. After a Cussler novel or two a while back, l consigned him to this category. I'm only a few pages into Shock Wave and already rolling my eyes. A clipper captain in the South Pacific who misses the signs of an approaching typhoon until it wrecks his ship as it miraculously travels from east to west is the start of what l have to look forward to. Where are Sandford and Connelly when l need them?

  • I have read most of Cussler's books and have not been disappointed with any of them, in fact I use Clive Cussler to judge the writing of any other author in the same type of books. That includes all five different series he writes or co-authors. His style and creativity is bested by no other writer, in my evaluation. There are others just as good, but they write other style books and it is not fair to compare humor against action adventure etc, etc. As well as I know him, he still manages to confuse for a while and sometimes even fool me completely for a while. Since his appearance of CC in the Dirk Pit books, nothing can be taken for granite. (no, that is not a spelling error)
    In short (to late!) I loved it!

  • Another interesting novel by Clive Cussler dealing with a megalomaniac with three daughters, two of which are nasty and one is the "white sheep" of the family who ends up falling in love with Dirk Pitt. There's never a dull moment in a Cussler novel and this lives up to the requirements. Much of the novel, as expected, takes place on the high seas and the adjacent bordering land masses (British Columbia, Antarctica). Hopefully, the reader has his/her Dramamine pills and won't get sea sick. Although some of the ideas are far-fetched, there's enough reality to keep one's doubts from rebelling from the content.