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ePub Destroyer 059: The Arms of Kali download

by Richard Sapir,Warren Murphy

ePub Destroyer 059: The Arms of Kali download
Richard Sapir,Warren Murphy
Signet; First Edition edition (November 6, 1984)
Thrillers & Suspense
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Destroyer 59: The Arms of Kali. Chapter One. He wouldn't take a tip for helping her home from the airport. No, not even a nice frosted piece of yellow cake or even a cup of tea from the old woman.

Destroyer 59: The Arms of Kali. All he wanted was to put a pale yellow cloth around her neck, and he wouldn't take no for an answer. He also wouldn't stop tightening it.

Death was in the air. All over America the airline travelers were dying, seduced by lovely young women and strangled by silken scarves in savage hands. Little did Remo and Chiun suspect that their enemy was an ancient goddess who had a -old score to settle with Chiun. The air tanks held poison gas, he realized. Given that, he should be dead by now, so he let his arms float loosely, opened his mouth to release the breathing device, and floated like a corpse, slowly up toward the surface like the two yellow fish.

The Arms of Kali book. With Molly Cochran, he completed two books Warren Murphy was an American author, most famous as the co-creator of The Destroyer series, the basis for the film Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins. Murphy also wrote the screenplay for Lethal Weapon 2. He is the author of the Trace and Digger series.

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Book in the The Destroyer Series). The murders of airline travelers across America lead Remo, the Destroyer, and his oriental mentor, Chiun, into a confrontation with the ancient and evil goddess Kali and her youthful, fanatic devotees.

Genre: Detective science fiction. Read a fragment illustrations.

Destination, rates & speeds. 4. Destroyer 059: The Arms of Kali. Published by Signet (1984)

Destination, rates & speeds. Published by Signet (1984). ISBN 10: 0451132416 ISBN 13: 9780451132413. Now the Destroyer was being used for evil rather than good in an ultimate struggle between light and darkness that even Chiun feared he might not win.

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  • A new ' Miracle Food ' is created that is made from Thunder Bugs. Crunchy, filling and supposedly nutritious, everyone seems to be eating them. Once you start you can not stop - and they have NO nutritional value what-so-ever. The person behind this latest fad is ' Nalini ' , the Spider Diva. who has jumper spiders at her command that will kill you on command. Remo and Chiun have their hands full exterminating the bugs and their root problem. It could happen - No ???

  • I started reading The Destroyer series of books a whole heck of a long time ago and still find them enjoyable......they poke fun at every day true liife events and people......It is a mix of satire, action adventure and suspense.......yes over the period of time you will find that it is formulac; but heck I still like how the authors were able to spin a yarn

  • There is such a thing as ' Chinese Vampires " ! They are called ' Gynoshi ' and have migrated to the U.S. where they practice religious " Blood Sucking ". Remo and Chiun can not believe the assignment they are being sent on until they see for themselves the terror and loss of life from these zealots. They have their hands full until they figure out how to end the practice. Adventure at its best from the dynamic duo assassins. A good read !

  • Unusual continuation from previous Book # 85 " Blood Lust ". Remo has returned from the embodiment of " Shiva " the Destroyer.
    His ongoing battle with the Hindu multi-armed Goddess " Kali " has left him weakened for his continuing fight against this deranged Deity. It is truly an Arabian nightmare only he can overcome. A good read.

  • This adventure centers around a Shri-Lanka " Goddess of Death " from Bathasgta, India. The Goddess, who has multiple arms to enfold its prey, is a problem the two assassins have to deal with with wisdom and craftiness. The mental powers of the Goddess almost are too much for the pair until the wise Master Chiun sees the truth behind the Goddess powers. He saves his Son, and the world, from this Hindu menace.

  • A Herr Conrad Blutsturz gets involved in a WWII espionage affair that undermines a Tokyo revenge plot against the United States. An incident occurs that has Remo and Chiun sent to Japan to find out what it is all about. Sinister dealings and alliances make for a messy involvement by the two Sinanju assassins. Good read. Action packed.

  • I've been waiting for this one bc I have not encountered end to a cliffhanger without the next one being available all three were good books if your a fan of this series then these are a must read #s 86,87,88

  • Being an avid Destroyer Series reader I started this book with anticipation.
    When Chiun was presumed dead I dreaded the rest of the books to come.
    As always, Warren Murphy does not let you down in his story telling ! The
    'Dirt First' radicals make you wonder whats up. How true when the " Real
    Estate " GREED takes over - just like in real life !