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by Paul Whitfield

ePub The Rough Guide to Yosemite 1 (Rough Guide Mini Guides) download
Paul Whitfield
Rough Guides (July 1, 2002)
United States
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Start by marking The Rough Guide to Yosemite 1 as Want to Read: Want to Read savin. ant to Read. The Rough Guide to Yosemite is the premier handbook to California's spectacular national park. This book is older, so some of the rtation recommendations no longer exist but the format is great and the author is incredibly thorough. This is the kind of guide book I'd bring along with me.

VERY GOOD" Toronto: The Mini Rough Guide, Rough Guides Staff; Lee, Phil; Loveki.

The Rough Guide to James Bond (Mini Rough Guides), Simpson, Paul, Good Fast D. £. 9. VERY GOOD" Toronto: The Mini Rough Guide, Rough Guides Staff; Lee, Phil; Loveki.

PUBLISHER: Rough Guides. CONDITION: Very Good. Acceptable - Very well read. He lives in New Zealand. Country of Publication. May have significant wear and tear and contain notes & highlighting. Read full description. See details and exclusions. Atlases, Maps & Travel.

Series: Rough Guide Mini Guides. There are only 4 pages of photographs out of the 400, so it helps to team this book up with one like the AAA Spiral Guide which is chock full of photos, but this Rough guide is the one to stick in your pocket when you head out into the street. 27 people found this helpful.

I usually prefer Rough Guides over the more "touristy" Frommers and Fodors, but this particular guide to Seattle loses out to the others in a big way. Writers of Rough Guides used to be opinionated, almost passionate about their place of choice, and that voice is missing in Rough Guide Seattle. I got more from the Chamber of Commerce brochure.

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No temple made with hands can compare with the Yosemite. Every rock in its walls seems to glow with life. Some lean back in majestic repose; others, absolutely sheer or nearly so for thousands of feet, advance beyond their companions in thoughtful attitudes, giving welcome to storms and calms alike, seemingly aware, yet heedless, of everything going on about them.

John Muir, The Yosemite

More gushing adjectives have been thrown at YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK than at any other part of California. But however excessive the hyperbole may seem, once you’ve seen the Park’s stunning scenery with your own eyes you realize all this praise is actually an understatement.

Simply put, Yosemite Valley – only a small part of the park but the one at which most of the verbiage is aimed – is one of the most dramatic pieces of geology found anywhere in the world. Just seven miles long and one mile across at its widest point, the Valley is walled by near-vertical, three-thousand-foot cliffs whose sides are streaked by cascading waterfalls and whose tops, a variety of domes and pinnacles, form a jagged silhouette against the sky. This is where you’ll find some of the world’s most famous rocks – Half Dome and rock climbing’s holy grail, El Capitan – as well as America’s tallest waterfalls, with Yosemite Falls topping the lot. At ground level, too, the sights can be staggeringly impressive. Grassy meadows are framed by oak, cedar, maple, and pine trees, and are home to a variety of wildflowers and wildlife.

Elsewhere in the Park, the crisp alpine setting of Tuolumne Meadows (pronounced Too-ol-uh-me), perched close to Yosemite’s highest mountains on the Park’s eastern border at 8600 feet, offers nature at its most peaceful and elemental. Here you’ve got easy access to the completely wild backcountry beyond, especially into the Cathedral Range, a place much favored by Yosemite’s environmental champion, John Muir, who was the first to scale the dramatically pointed Cathedral Peak.

As if that weren’t enough, the spectacle continues, from the glaciated canyons up in the north of the Park, all the way down to the southern reaches near Wawona, where Mariposa Grove encompasses one of the most awe-inspiring forests of giant sequoias found anywhere.

All of this wondrous scenery is within half a day’s drive of San Francisco and not much further from Los Angeles, so it is understandable that tourists are plentiful. Each year Yosemite has to cope with over three and a half million visitors, most of them intent on visiting Yosemite Valley, which in July and August (and any summer weekend) can get fairly packed. That said, the whole Park is massive enough to endure the crowds, and even places you can get to by car remain relatively serene most of the time.

Because of its size and sheer diversity of landscape, Yosemite National Park can be experienced on a variety of levels: many people just spend a day here doing a quick circuit of the top attractions, either by car or on one of the tours, and walking to the base of Yosemite and Bridalveil falls; others delve deeper over several days; and more than a few return frequently during their lifetime to photograph, explore, observe the wildlife, or just soak up the atmosphere.

Whatever your interests, be sure to spend some time hiking, even if it’s just around the Valley floor on one of the nearly-flat, paved trails. If you’re willing to hike a few miles and perhaps camp out overnight, you can experience the 99 percent of Yosemite that’s untouched by road. It’s in this backcountry, too, that the best wildlife viewing opportunities occur, but even in the most populous areas it is possible to see deer, coyotes, and even black bears.

  • I brought this book on a week-long trip out to Yosemite. I used it mostly for its maps, what to expect in terms of weather and wildlife, and what to do when we left the park. Don't expect a lot of pictures, but there are plenty of maps and most of them are good. I would recommend getting a copy of the excellent National Geographic Yosemite Park map if you plan on spending time in the park, but the maps in this book will do fine for planning or if you're only there for a day or two.

    The hiking summary is good - 40+ pages are devoted to hiking in the park. There is an extensive listing of 43 day hikes and 7 sample overnight hikes (options for overnight hikes are almost endless). The book also has chapters for each of three park "sections" - Yosemite Valley, Northern Yosemite, and Southern Yosemite. It deals with accomodations in a separate chapter, where they are organized by areas within the park and then by areas outside the park. The author also briefly discusses areas of interest/attractions outside the park in all directions. I found this to be very helpful, since Yosemite is a 3+ to 5 hour drive from any major airport.

    I do disagree with the author on a couple things. He lists Half Dome as a suggested "day hike". This is an extremely strenuous hike - 17 miles round trip - and should not be put in the day hike category (although some people do it as one). I hiked it as an overnight trip and it was exhausting. The author also puts visiting Mono Lake as #11 of the top 18 things not to miss. Because of that I went there and was sorely disappointed - I wouldn't recommend it. It may make for nice pictures, but I would have much rather spent my time in Yosemite itself.

    I also thought the glossary needed a little work. I always felt like I was looking for something I'd already read, but I could never find it when I went to the glossary. I'd usually find it flipping through the book or reading a section later on.

    Overall this is a decent guide book. I am biased towards Rough Guides, and I bought this without considering other guide books, but it's not the best Rough Guide I've ever used. When I go back to Yosemite I'll look for other guides, as I imagine there's a better one out there. If I could give it 3.5 stars I would, but I thought it deserved more than 3.

  • I initially encountered this book while perusing guides for my upcoming summer trip to Yosemite National Park. Since I began reading it, I have not wanted to put it down. It is a comprehensive, practically encyclopedic yet compact book on everything about Yosemite. I don't know how the author managed to pack so much valuable information into such a small source.

    The book begins with important and bare basics: a few introductory pages of beautiful glossy color photographs of attractions in the park, a park map, brief intro, a brief what to see and do guide (including average rainfall & temps for all months of the year), and then a color photograph section entitled 20 Things Not To Miss.

    The rest of the book then focuses on well-organized sections with pertinent information on everything from the basics of preparation and travelling with all groups such as children and those with disabilities, to the geology, flora, and fauna of the park. Anyone could figure out which are the best hikes for them and which things they could do in every season just by reading for a few minutes in these sections. What I love most is that there are black and white photographs of park landmarks and influential people, such as John Muir, peppered throughout the book, which further illuminate the awesome landscape and spectacular story of Yosemite. The reader gets to discover interesting gems about Yosemite throughout the book. This book makes it a joy to plan my trip because it takes the guesswork out of planning with its lists of who should bring what (and I have to plan for my entire family).

    Whether you love in-depth guides, like I do, with facts and photos about everything, or you just want a really good guidebook to accompany you on your visit to glance at now and then, this is the book for you. This book is recommended for the first-time visitor as well as repeat visitors (unless they know the park like the back of their hands). I think I would buy this book even if I wasn't going to Yosemite - it's that enjoyable and fun to read. Or maybe it's just that the park itself has such an awe-inspiring presence and history that reading anything about it is engrossing.

  • very very helpful about what is worth seeing and what is not. Ogie

  • This book has great information. 50 Day hikes, Overnight hikes, maps, park history, gas, supplies, and most importantly, camping areas, both in and outside the park. The book is old so all the pricing is out of date, but the locations are all the same. It's a must have for anyone visiting Yosemite for 3+ days.

  • This guide is among the many offered to the savvy outdoorsman; however, the Rough Guide has refined it's information to include honest tips and thorough explinations of trails, hikes, food concessions/stores, and ammenities. The rough guide has a great POCKET SIZE which is just as informative for on the trail information. Do not be tempted by other inferior guides, which falsely claim their guides are superlative...The Rough Guide is the only Guide worth owning! A nice, tight guide.