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ePub Miss Hickory (Newbery Award Honor Books) download

by Carolyn Sherwin Bailey

ePub Miss Hickory (Newbery Award  Honor Books) download
Carolyn Sherwin Bailey
Live Oak Media; Har/Cas edition (April 1, 1989)
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  • This was one of my favorite childhood books and I'm utterly THRILLED to find that it is still in print because when I tried to find it to see if I could gift it to my niece last Christmas, I found it on Amazon and was OVER THE MOON that it is still in print. This book is a masterpiece, and as a best-selling author myself, and an author of children's literature, I can say honestly that this book set the bar so high for me as a child, both with it's magnificent writing and charming illustrations, Miss Hickory is one of the reasons I grew up to be a novelist and illustrator, as well as an animal communicator. The book is a miracle and I'd suggest that every mom of a young girl make sure that this book is front and center on your library shelf. --Amelia Kinkade, author of Whispers From the Wild: Listening to Voices From The Animal Kingdom (New World Library), and The Winged One (CreateSpace.)

  • I read this book for the first time over 45 years ago at the age of 9 in our school's library, and I've remembered it all these years. I wanted to share it with my grandchildren so I purchased a copy to read to them. They love it as much as I did, and it has been a pleasure to revisit Miss Hickory and her friends again after all these years. The book arrived as scheduled and in perfect condition. Thank you!

  • In this day and age, I find it wonderfully calming to read my daughter books I enjoyed as a child. I purchsed Miss Hickory with that in mind, and we are both savoring the tale.
    Miss Hickory is a country doll, made of a hickory nut head with an apple twig body. Unexpectedly, she finds that her mistress and family have left for the winter, leaving her to fend for herself during the cold dark months in New Hampshire. The sweet simplicity of the story allows my 5 year old's imagination to run wild as she pictures Miss Hickory living in a nest and enjoying the company of the crow and the cat that are her friends.
    There is a reason this book is still in print after all these years! Treat yourself to some good, old fashioned family reading, and enjoy Miss Hickory!

  • Adorable ~old~ story I bought for my grandchildren to read when visiting. A true to form classic~ lasting through the decades to delight young and old. Enjoy!

  • Oh, Miss Hickory, You're my kind of girl--I mean, doll--I mean, twig, nut, whatever.
    Miss Hickory is a peppery, sharp, resourceful nut-headed country doll who lives in a corn cob house, and who is accustomed to being brought inside for the winter. When her flighty humans decide to avoid the hard winter by moving to the city until spring, they forget Miss Hickory; but with her indomitable spirit and help from several smart, funny, quirky friends, she learns to flourish in a new environment. If Miss Hickory doesn't bring a big smile to your face and joy to your heart, I don't know what. I was compelled to make my own Miss Hickory doll, and I'll bet you'll want to do the same thing. Miss Hickory is irresistible.

  • Great book for kids to read for themselves and even better for read aloud. Every chapter is a cliff hanger. Perhaps a little dated for some kids, so that is one reason for reading aloud so adult can explain. Newbery Award winner of its day.

  • I read this little book over 50! years ago and never forgot it. When the parent of 3 of my music students asked me to recommend some books for summer reading, "Miss Hickory" came to mind. I was blown away to find it still alive & well on Amazon. (Is there anything Amazon doesn't have?) The story's bitter-sweet & memorable, maybe for kids haunting in an innocent way. I bought the book, didn't give it away.

  • If you love The Wind in the Willows, fairy stories, or even books like Strawberry Girl, you will find Miss Hickory enchanting. From the blissful explanations of her housekeeping to her opinionated "takes" on birds and squirrels, Miss Hickory is a fascinating protagonist. This story is a children's masterpiece and adults are sure to find the theme of rebirth quite soul filling.