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by Brian Thacker

ePub Where's Wallis? download
Brian Thacker
Allen & Unwin Pty., Limited (2006)
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Where's Wallis? book.

Where's Wallis? book. In the spirit of Stanley and Livingstone, Brian Thacker is striking.

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Where's Wallis?: Travels without a guidebook. Select Format: Paperback. ISBN13: 9781741149920.

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Shamelessly freeloading his way around the world, cadging free food and accommodation wherever and however he can, Brian Thacker is a 'couch surfer' par excellence. This is extreme travel at its most 'out there'. Our couch is not in an excellent shape, however all the conventional facilities are there.

Brian Thacker has been on the look-out for unusual vehicles ever since he travelled down the Ovens River on a rubber inner tube when he was nine years old. Here he writes about his most memorable journeys, including his trip o. . Here he writes about his most memorable journeys, including his trip on the Trans Siberian Express, a pub crawl on the London tube, his journey down the east coast of Australia in a truck, and a safari with a particularly grumpy camel. Стр. 25 - Not that it will last. Accursed picnic parties with miserable scores of asses, male and female, are coming tomorrow:‎ Встречается в книгах (8) с 1956 по 2004. 57 - I was trying to figure out what I was going to do with‎. Встречается в книгах (10) с 1990 по 2005.

Brian is a travel writer who writes books and stuff - ww. rianthacker. I do love a massage and in some countries where they are nice and cheap I’ve been known to have one every day. But, they haven’. earn More.

Brian Jacques was born in Liverpool in 1939. His first name was actually James, but because his father and one of his brothers were also called James, he was known as Brian. As a child, he loved to read adventure stories. His favourites were books like King Solomon’s Mines by H. Rider Haggard, Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson and The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame.

  • I dislike describing things as delightful... so I won't say that. But only out of stubborness.

  • Fun as always

  • Where's Wallis has Brian Thacker travelling to countries he's never heard of before without doing any prior research, making any plans and without a Lonely Planet guidebook (and those who have read his other work know just how reliant he is on these average quality guidebooks to tell him where to stay and where to eat). Like all his other books, nothing spectacular or newsworthy happens at each place but Brian Thacker just has that knack of how to make what in reality such as being trapped in an Africa airport is quite boring, a just don't want to stop reading experience for the reader.

    So in this adventure Brian travels (well attempts to travel to) the African country of Sao Tome and Principe the country which expired this book's journey as he saw its sign and a handful of athletes in the opening ceremony for the Olympics and thought, where the hell is that? He does make it to fellow African countries Togo and Benin. Pacific islands Wallis and Futuna (the book could have been called Where's Wallis and Futuna if he had agreed to his host's request) and then finally onto Asia with Kyrgyzstan.

    Along the way Brian learns the pitfalls of not doing any research at all such as not being able to even get to his first country but also the benefits of being flexible such as being able to go to destinations suggested by locals and take up their hospitality as he hasn't booked accommodation in advance and finding beautiful beaches and so on without hordes of tourists on them.

    If you haven't read any other of Thacker's books this is just as good a book to start with as it displays the high quality writing Thacker can reach.