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by Jack J. Blanco

ePub The Clear Word: Pocket Edition download
Jack J. Blanco
Jack Blanco (2004)
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He is the author of The Clear Word and his desire is to help others experience a deeper devotional experience with Jesus Christ.

Easy-to-read two-column format. 3 68. More from jack j. blanco: A Brief History of God's Love. The Devotional Clear Word. He is the author of The Clear Word and his desire is to help others experience a deeper devotional experience with Jesus Christ.

I am extremely satisfied with the Clear Word Bible. I have read almost of the Old Testament and find it much eassier to read and understand it.

Clear Word for Kids-OE: A New, Simplified Paraphrase. I am extremely satisfied with the Clear Word Bible. Richard Moravetz Thank you for your good service in sending them to me.

The Clear Word has renewed the devotional lives of thousands of people. You are in the United States store.

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Blanco originally wrote The Clear Word as a devotional exercise for himself

Blanco originally wrote The Clear Word as a devotional exercise for himself.

Even if you've been through the Gospel of John a dozen times, you're in for a fresh experience when you open this expanded devotional paraphrase from The Clear Word.

Jack J. Blanco is the former dean of the School of Religion of Southern Adventist University, near Chattanooga, Tennessee. The Clear Word: An Expanded Paraphrase to Build Strong Faith and Nurture Spiritual Growth. He began writing this paraphrase by hand to develop a deeper devotional experience with Jesus Christ. This devotional paraphrase brings the thoughts expressed in the Bible into clear focus.

The pocket edition of this popular devotional paraphrase measures 3½ x 5 3/8 and is available in paperback, hardback, black bonded leather, or burgundy bonded leather (leather versions are boxed). This small edition makes a great gift idea for students or for those who travel-it's the perfect size to tuck in a backpack, suitcase, purse, or briefcase. Easy-to-read two-column format.
  • Note, this is a paraphrase not a translation however i REALLY like it and i rarely find it out of step with my understanding of King James etc. Reading it allows you to cover large sections of the bible to get the big picture fast and almost anyone at any reading skill will increase their understanding. As far as i am concerned this should be read in conjunction with your favorite "translation" and you will be the better for it.

  • This is a fine paraphrase of scripture, but it is not a bible! Of course, due to idiomatic expressions in every language, it is almost impossible to ever have a literal translation of any speech or writing from one language to another. Each language has it own expressions which are completely meaningless in other languages. The "Clear Word" tries to avoid these by paraphrasing the original Bible text into the modern American English so that the idea is easy to understand. Most of the time it succeeds very well. But, it is only just a paraphrase, and must be understood as such. Thus, while it is easy to understand and enjoyable to read, if I want Biblical authority, that is "a thus sayeth the Lord," I will not use this book, but will use a trusted version of the Bible, such as the "King James" which was translated with meticulous effort by men of God who risked their very lives to make available the everlasting Gospel to English speaking people. I do not intend to demean those who compiled the Clear Word, nor their efforts. Certainly, it helps me understand some of the more obscure texts from older translations, so it is a very welcome tool. It is a lot easier for me to understand the more modern American English.

  • I absolutely love the Clear Word Bible!! So much so I bought one for a friend and a CD for my cousin. I highly recommended it to anyone having a hard time understanding the king James, I use both. I read the Clear word to understand the script then compare it to the King James, sure makes under standing the Bible a whole lot easier. The print in the pocket size was to small for my liking so I returned it for a larger print.

  • While I love the Clear Word Bible, it is only a paraphrase version of the Bible; not a translation. It is extremely easy to read; like reading a story. My dislike is the limitations of the Kindle edition. You can go to the main menu and select a book of the Bible to find, but you cannot look up chapters and verse. You are stuck scrolling from say Psalms 1:1 to Psalms 150:6. That's a LOT of scrolling forward in pages. You do have the options of looking up Kindle's "locations", but that is very unhelpful looking up scripture. Get a better menu system Kindle.

  • I was surprised to discover it was pocket sized; the size was not clearly stated in the product description. However, I love this paraphrased version of the Bible! It is very clear and easy to understand! I have plenty of Study Bibles; this paraphrase was just what I wanted. The person who stated in their review that it 'wasn't a real Bible' obviously does not understand the difference between a paraphrased Bible and a study Bible and the purpose of each. I would like to add that the denomination of the author of THIS paraphrased Bible doesn't matter any more than it does for other paraphrased Bibles such as, "The Message Bible."

  • If you wanna book that will explain the scriptures in The Bible this is the 1. Read your bible and have This book alongside and you will understand The Bible much better. It is a wonderful book.

  • I have this bible on my phone and IPAD. Read this and then the King James version if you want. You get better clarity when you read. Understanding leads to reading more and going deeper and better retention because it's clear (thus the title). Keep this bible with you at all times. If you should ever have a conversation and the topic becomes biblical, you can use real talk and be understood. Tell one teach one......on and on and on

  • The Clear Word is one of my favorite paraphrases of scripture. The thoughtful manner in which each verse is expressed is refreshing and the "story" of a Creator who loves His creation to the degree that He "walks in their shoes" and offers to restore them to their original state of perfection is life changing. I'm very glad to have the digital version which makes it easy to take it along when away from home.