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ePub Accounting: Texts and Cases download

by Robert Anthony

ePub Accounting: Texts and Cases download
Robert Anthony
TBS (2006)
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com User, November 6, 2007. Not difficult but detailed. com User, April 7, 2006.

Published May 26th 2006 by Irwin/McGraw-Hill. Hardcover, 960 pages. Published May 5th 2010 by McGraw-Hill Education. Hardcover, 911 pages.

Louisiana - This article is about the .

The text is covered as two parts.

Free US Delivery ISBN: 0073100919.

  • I had to purchase this book and since I'm not in the market to buy too many accounting texts, it's hard to say that this book is better or worse than other accounting textbooks. However, I have read many financial and business books and this one is mediocre at best. Sorry, just my opinion. There are many incomplete or random thoughts sprinkled throughout the text that it just makes you shake your head. You would think 900 pages would enable you to be pretty complete with concepts but this book falls short. If you have to buy this book, sorry, but if you are looking for a great book on accounting... look elsewhere.

  • This is not the same text as the original interactive Robert Anthony version, published many years ago. In trying to update that version, they have actually made this version more difficult to use and a less effective teaching tool.

  • Typical accounting textbook that has no tact in actually teaching the material. Required for my MBA program and studied the Managerial Accounting sections (second half). Successfully made me decide to always hire an accountant.

  • This textbook is very dry. I would have expected some color in the graphs and highlights of sections. The paragraphs start to merge together. My professor said he only liked it for the case studies. It was a required book for the class.

  • Horrible! Doesn't give many examples. Not helpful to the novice accounting student.

  • Very dry but it is a great book to have and too look back into when certain things become little hazy in memory. GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) generally do not change and that is why this book is a must have for any accounting major and/or CPA who choses not to use software, that does it all ;-)

  • This book is terrible! This is not a good review for anybody who hasn't had any previous accounting experience. The text is not written in user-friendly wording. I had somebody who is an accountant look at this book and although they understood it, they said it wasn't written very well at all! I had to buy this for an Masters level "Introduction" to financial and managerial accounting class and I know that a lot of people in the class dropped the class because they were having such a hard time with the text. If you have accounting experience, you will probably not think this book is bad, but if you're like me and haven't, then you'll be in trouble. As a degreed engineer, I've had my fair share of experience reading non-friendly texts. This one is definitely up there as far as the "BOOK FROM HELL" category.

  • As for the seller of this book everything went well. I got it in the time specified and it was in the condition specified. As for the content of the book I say buyer beware. The book does not explain content well at all and I do not feel that I learned anything from it. I even had to google a few topics that the book asked homework questions on but did not even attempt to explain.