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by David Michael Davies

ePub The Centenarians of the Andes download
David Michael Davies
Anchor Press; 1st ed. in the U.S edition (1975)
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The Centenarians of the Andes Hardcover – 1975.

The Centenarians of the Andes Hardcover – 1975. by. David Michael Davies (Author). Find all the books, read about the author, and more. Are you an author? Learn about Author Central. 7 people found this helpful.

David Michael Davies. Be the first to ask a question about The Centenarians of the Andes. A rather old book describing the lives of supposedly rather old people. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Maybe it is the subject matter that led to such a short book or maybe there wasn't a lot of material to draw from, I don't know, but it would seem that such a subject matter would need more than 140 pages to describe. Once must consider also that 30 or more pages were used to describe driving to the remote villages and other such nonsense that has little to do with the centenarians of the Andes.

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The following is a list of living centenarians (living people who have attained the age of at least 100 years) known for reasons other than just their longevity. For more lists of centenarians, see lists of centenarians. For living people known just. For living people known just for their longevity, see List of the oldest living people.

Original publication date: 1975 Original publisher: London: Barrie and Jenkins,Ltd Publication status: Out of print. The southern Ecuadorian village of Vilcabamba contained a disproportionate number of very old people. Davies records his observations and speculations as to why people there lived a lot longer. Thanks to S. Fagan of Eagleby, Queensland for the lend of this book. The form will be sent to the officer in charge of the Soil And Health Library, Steve Solomon.

social background surveyed from the seventeenth to the present century. This has been the case with the centenarians of Central Asia and Southern Ecuador and much myth and speculation about them has accumulated

social background surveyed from the seventeenth to the present century. He has indulged in botany, ornithology, zoology and geology, and as far as animal life is concerned his habits in the nineteenth century spelt ecological doom, comparable with the onslaughts of African hunters today. This has been the case with the centenarians of Central Asia and Southern Ecuador and much myth and speculation about them has accumulated.

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by David Michael Davies.

  • This was such an interesting book! The author traveled to Southern Equador between 1971 - 1973 to study some of the long-living mountain people there. He was assisted by a team which included a local doctor, a nurse, a photographer, a conservationist, a scientist and others. They conducted interviews and took thousands of photographs (a few of which are included in the book).

    He found many men in the area still strong and active well over the age of 100 years. He used old church records to help verify some of their ages. I found many of his findings to be quite unexpected. For example, it appears that men were far more likely to reach the century mark than women. The women, under the burden of bearing and raising so many children, did not fare as well. Unmarried women did live longer.

    Another interesting thing was their teeth. Both sexes, without exception, seemed to lose all of their teeth after their 20th birthday. So, basically, if they lived to the age of 120, they may have spent 100 years toothless. Why was this? The minerals in the water? The same minerals that added to their long life? The author was unable, at that time, to answer a lot of these types of questions. Perhaps more is known now. He centered his investigations primarily in the area of Vilcabamba - at that time a very isolated community. In the years since, tourism has become an industry there. Much has undoubtedly changed. Are there still old ones there?

  • I knew the author personally, but am estranged from him. I think he could have done so much more, but this is perhaps his best work... Still this book is an interesting curiosity. I'd say it's more for the layman than the hardcore scientist, and some of the book takes more of the form of travel writing, and unfortunately tries to generate excitement where it needn't be... The style isn't great, but the subject matter is, and one's glad Davies did write this book... I haven't come across many others like it.
    It concerns mainly one village, where some of the population were claimed to be 140, even 160 years old (in the 1970s). Davies claims these ages are verifiable by the baptismal records... As for that I leave you to decide for yourself... while not as accurate as census records, they do provide some backing. Davies also laments the passing of the old ways, and mentions that he considers that this may reduce the lifespans of their descendants... through pollution, a change in diet etc. Interestingly Davies mentions three factors that seem to repeat themselves in such places - high altitude, clean air and strangely enough the presence of the mineral Selenium in the soil...

  • This has been thoroughly debunked; the people written about live normal lifespans.