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by Karen H Ebert

ePub A grammar of Athpare (LINCOM studies in Asian linguistics) download
Karen H Ebert
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LINCOM studies in Asian linguistics ; 01. Bibliography, et. Download book A grammar of Athpare, Karen Ebert.

LINCOM studies in Asian linguistics ; 01. Bibliography, etc. Note: Includes bibliographical references (p. 282-283).

A Grammar of Athpare (LINCOM Studies in Asian Linguistics 01). München: Lincom.

Summarizing, . s book is an excellent reference book and a must-have for Slavicists and general linguists . s book is an excellent reference book and a must-have for Slavicists and general linguists alike. The book is not exhaustive – nor does the author claim it to be –, and not all subjects are discussed in the same amount of detail, but those subjects that G. dwells on are very instructive indeed.

Title: A Grammar of Longxi Qiang Series Title: LINCOM Studies in Asian Linguistics 86 Published: 2017 Publisher: Lincom .

It contains 14 chapters that covers phonology, nominal and verbal form classes, adverbs, nominal morphology, aspect, person, mood, evidentiality, epistemic modality, negation, structure of clause, clause combining and discourse features.

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Lincom Studies in Asian Linguistics, . Ebert-1997b, address {München}, author {Ebert, Karen Heide}, publisher {Lincom Europa}, series {Lincom Studies in Asian Linguistics}, title {Athpare Grammar}, volume {1}, year {1997}, iso code {aph}, olac field {syntax; semantics; morphology; typology; general linguistics}, wals code {ath} }. TY - BOOK AU - Ebert, Karen Heide PY - 1997 DA - 1997// TI - Athpare Grammar T3 - Lincom Studies in Asian Linguistics VL - 1 PB - Lincom Europa CY - München ID - Ebert-1997b ER

Athpare is a Kiranti language spoken in a few villages around Dhankuta in eastern Nepal. The number of speakers is probably less than 2000, but unlike other small Kiranti languages, Athpare is still learned by children. Athpare has SOV word order, all modifiers precede their head. The verb morphology is highly complex; subject and object person markers are realized partly as prefixes, partly as suffixes. There are separate number suffixes and tense markers, some of them followed by a copy of the person marker. Periphrastic tense-aspects (perfect and progressive) are fully grammaticalized. Athpare is morphologically ergative, with a split between 1st person and the rest. Minimal use is made of nonfinite verb forms: Compound verbs consist of two verbs marked for person and tense, subordinators follow inflected verbs. The Athpare data are from a short field trip to Dhankuta. There are no previous descriptions of Athpare except for some data used in earlier publications by the author.