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by Gerald Malcolm Durrell

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Gerald Malcolm Durrell
Collins; 1st ed edition (1974)
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Gerald Malcolm Durrell, OBE (7 January 1925 – 30 January 1995) was a British naturalist, zookeeper, conservationist, author, and television presenter.

Gerald Malcolm Durrell, OBE (7 January 1925 – 30 January 1995) was a British naturalist, zookeeper, conservationist, author, and television presenter. He founded the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and the Jersey Zoo on the Channel Island of Jersey in 1959. His memoirs of his family's years living in Greece were adapted into two television series (My Family and Other Animals, 1987, and The Durrells, 2016–2019) and one television film (My Family and Other Animals, 2005).

Gerald Durrell, The Talking Parcel. Gerald "Gerry" Malcolm Durrell was born in India in 1925

Gerald Durrell, The Talking Parcel. I love Gerald Durrell's nonfiction work, but I think this little book shows that his fictional children's literature is just as good. It has an amazing, creative world that I wish I could live in, a motley crew of colorful characters, and even a generous helping of humor. Gerald "Gerry" Malcolm Durrell was born in India in 1925. His elder siblings are Lawrence Durrell, Leslie Durrell, and Margaret Durrell. and I immediately read it from cover to cover!

by. Durrell, Gerald Malcolm, 1925-; Johnson, Pamela, ill. Publication date. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books.

Gerald Malcolm Durrell. This lively story with a Greek island setting tells how Amanda and David plot to outwit the unpleasant local mayor and help their Greek friend, Yani. The villagers, and especially the mayor, depend on their donkeys for transport. If the children are to blackmail them successfully the donkeys must disappear. And disappear they do, to the consternation of the whole village . a rarity.

by Gerald Durrell Illustrated by Pamela Johnson The big brown paper parcel that washes up. .Durrell, Gerald Malcolm, birth date.

by Gerald Durrell Illustrated by Pamela Johnson The big brown paper parcel that washes up on the beach seems perfectly ordinary-that is, until it begins to speak and sing, and not in one voice but two! . SUMMARY: Three children travel to the land of mythical animals and try to save it from the evil Cockatrices. Dear Deirdre, Here is the book that I promised you, and I hope you will enjoy it. It is no good your asking me the next time we meet whether it is all true, because I have been sworn to secrecy. But I can give you some hints.

Finding books BookSee BookSee - Download books for free. The Talking Parcel (The Battle for Castle Cockatrice). Three Singles to Adventure. Durrell Gerald Malcolm. Category: Современная проза. 317 Kb. The Bafut Beagles.

Durrell Gerald Malcolm. THREE SINGLES TO ADVENTURE by Gerald Durrell THIS IS FOR ROBERT LOWES In memory of Snakes, Sloths, and South American Saddles Contents Acknowledgements While we were in Guiana so many people helped us in such a variety of ways that it is impossible to thank them all. I would, however, like to mention the following people, to whom we owe a very great debt of gratitude. and Mrs. Charles Dowding, of Geo.

  • Quite happy would buy from this seller again

  • I bought this in a rush of nostalgia for the animal-packed adventure stories of my childhood, and was excited to introduce it to my children.

    I wasn't disappointed.

    Aside from a few old-fashioned attitudes, this book has really stood the test of time.

    The plot is packed with action and intrigue; the world of Mythologia, with its unique flora and fauna, is beautifully imagined; and the characters are as quirkily endearing as I had fondly remembered.

    We've read this as our bedtime story over the course of weeks and both the 2 and 5 year old (boy and girl) were entranced, once they'd got used to 'making the pictures in your head', that is!

    This is perfect for a jolly old adventure story with nothing to alarm the young but plenty of imagination and enough of Gerald Durrell's quiet humour to entertain adult readers too.

    Oswald peered closely into the dinghy. “Why,” he said in pleased surprise. “It’s Parrot, I do believe. How nice to see you. But what are you doing sailing about in a blue crumpet? Very dangerous, you know, my dear fellow, you might get eaten by someone. Then where will you be? If you must sail about, do it properly in a galleon or something of the sort.
    “This is not a crumpet, it’s a boat,” roared Parrot.
    “Goat?” said Oswald. “No, no, my dear Parrot. I hate to contradict you, but I saw a goat once and it looked nothing like that, besides goats don’t float and they’re not blue. No, no, mark my words – it’s a crumpet. One of them blue Marzipan ones they make in Bulgaria.”
    “I can’t talk to you without your ear trumpet,” shouted Parrot. “I’m getting hoarse.”
    “No,” said Oswald, “It’s not a horse either. I mean, I may be mistaken. It could, I suppose, be a blue muffin, but I doubt it; I very much doubt it. I don’t think a muffin would float so well.”

    – Gerald Durrell, The Talking Parcel

    Review by Steph Warren of Bookshine and Readbows blog

  • I read this over and over from when I got it as a present when I was a kid and into adult life. In recent years I discovered that someone somewhere had made an animated movie but I never saw it, and it probably would have spoiled the experience for me, being just line-drawing animation which would have been a pale imitation of the imagery I could produce in my mind. Mythologica itself is quite a place: Griffins who forge gold, Mooncalves which leave a plastic substance as a snail trail, and the evil Cockatrices all live in a place with grass that only grows to a controlled height, rain that only falls at night, and delicate iridescent flowers that are hardy enough to take root and grow anywhere, all directed by a benevolent old wizard. With the special effects today, they could probably make a movie version of it that would rival the Harry Potter pictures, but that's not the point.
    Though it resembles the Harry Potter stories in the common elements of a parallel world with different rules and features than our "normal" world, the ruling old white wizard, and a special train to take people part of the route there, this is a very different kind of story. It is a tale of ordinary young people with no special powers who are brought into Mythologica and its battle quite by accident by the afore-mentioned talking parcel, which turns out to be The Parrot, and his spider housekeeper Dulcibelle. They use their own resourcefulness and ingenuity and the resources of the unique environment provided to them in Mythologica to save the peaceable magical kingdom from fantastical creature bad guys.
    Like the Harry Potter books though, this story mentions and draws some inspiration from some _genuine_ books of occult lore and a Mediaeval bestiary called Topsell's Histories of Foure-Footed Beasts. I was so inspired by having read The Talking parcel to keep my eyes open for the (real) books mentioned within it that years after my first reading of The Talking Parcel, I was overjoyed when I found a modern edition of Topsell's Historie of Foure Footed Beasts in an academic library...and I immediately read it from cover to cover!

  • This was one of my favourite books as a child, and the class knew me for it. Even if you aren't into mythological creatures, you have to love the characters, and the mission to overthrow evil is one we can all relate to. The book is so endearing, the plot engaging, characters so witty, and some of the mythological creatures, such as the dragon and the mermaids, challenge your preconceived notions. I was pleased to hear it is being republished under the more exciting and descriptive name, "The Battle for Castle Cockatrice." It would be nice to have a sequel. How about it?

  • It truly is a shame it is out of print, but definately worth ordering. Parrot's determination to keep words exercised, phoenixes, and Ethelred the Master Spy toad, Tabitha, and more.
    Try to take this book from me and I will fight you with every breath I have! :)

  • I can remember my head teacher reading this book to me in his class 17 years ago and am now revisiting it as literature for some theatre workshops with year 6 children. The colourful characters, language and visual images must be passed down to the next generation. the parrot with lumbago, the pheonix and the screaming mandrakes were just a part of the books appeal. It definately ranks with its predecessors like C.S.Lewis, Lewis Carroll and Edward Lear and a must for any child(or adult!!) who has read Lemony Snickett, Artemis Fowl or the Harry Potter books. Of course thats only my opinion so id recommend that you read it yourself!!

  • This is a MARVELOUS book. Don't be fooled by it's title. This is a masterful work of fantasy literature! It all starts when a small group of children find a small box while on the shores of Greece. Inside the parcel is an eloquent parrot and a sulky spider. The children learn of a mysterious plot in the land of Mythologica where evil cockatrices plan to take control. Along the way, they meet a taslking train, mermaids, griffins, a dragon, and a sea-serpent who wants to be a chef. What's gonna happen next? I just guess you'll have to read it to find out!
    ......too bad it's out of print