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ePub Using Brain Science To Make Training Stick download

by Bowperson Publishing,Sharon L. Bowman

ePub Using Brain Science To Make Training Stick download
Bowperson Publishing,Sharon L. Bowman
Bowperson Publishing and Training, Inc.; First Printing edition (November 29, 2010)
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Sharon Bowman is an international speaker, corporate trainer, classroom teacher, and the author of seven popular .

Sharon Bowman is an international speaker, corporate trainer, classroom teacher, and the author of seven popular teaching/training books, including Training from the BACK of the Room and The Ten-Minute Trainer. com for free dozens of free book excerpts, articles, blog posts, and more about effective teaching, training, and learning. Paperback: 288 pages. For those of us living at a great distance, Kindle is highly preferable.

Sharon Bowman is the president of Bowperson Publishing & Training, Inc. She has been a professional speaker, author, teacher, and trainer for almost forty . Her newest book is Using Brain Science to Make Training Stick. She has been a professional speaker, author, teacher, and trainer for almost forty years. She works with businesses and educational institutions that want to offer exceptional in-house training and professional development programs. Sharon practices what she preaches by facilitating highly-interactive, informative, and unforgettable learning experiences.

Makes Training Stick. by. Sharon L. Bowman. This is a prepublication excerpt from my newest book, to be published in the fall of 2010, and titled: Using Brain Science to Make Training Stick. In a nutshell, here are the six brain science principles that make training stick. When it comes to learning: 1. Movement trumps sitting. 2. Talking trumps listening.

Contains a wealth of practical and useful design and delivery tools for any kind of instruction. The Brain Science about Human Learning: Explore how the human brain REALLY learns and get dozens of brain-based instructional strategies you can use with any topic and any group of learners. Your Guide-on-the-Side: Sharon L. Bowman, . What You Will Find Here

Using Brain Science To Make Training Stick Mark-Ups Before reading any further, take one minute to gather as. .PART ONE: About This Book 1. Apply six learning principles that are based on current brain science about how humans learn best.

Using Brain Science To Make Training Stick Mark-Ups Before reading any further, take one minute to gather as many of the following materials as you can: 8 A pen or pencil 8 A highlighter 8 A few colored markers 8 Post-It ® notes and Post-It ® flags 8 Some index cards Put them all in a small tote or paper. bag. Keep it with this book. Explain to training colleagues, co-workers, family, and friends why the learning principles are important to know for anyone who makes a living instructing others.

Books written by Sharon Bowman. Brain Science in Plain English BrainConnection. Reading Skills Teaching Reading Student Teaching Reading Intervention Teaching Tools Reading Levels Guided Reading Teacher Resources Sight Word Games.

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Sharon L. Bowman is the owner of Bowperson Publishing and Training, In. the director of the Lake Tahoe Trainers Group; a member of the National Speakers Association; and a staff development consultant and instructor for school districts and colleges across the country. Over 60,000 copies of her previous six books are in print. Sharon is a sought-after speaker at national conferences such as ASTD and the VNU Annual Training Conference and Expo.

If you teach or train for a living, you need to know as much as possible about how the brain learns. And you need to know that traditional methods of instruction were based on the economy of instruction (money, time, ease of delivery) and not on how the brain naturally, normally learns. With Using Brain Science To Make Training Stick, you'll discover six learning principles that trump traditional teaching. You'll explore dozens of ways to apply these principles to any learning environment: classroom, online, one on-one, small and large group instruction. Experience a fast-paced, interactive reading adventure that will make you a Six Trumps expert as you apply the best of brain science to make your training stick!
  • The author has many years of experience to back up her claims and assertions, most of which go against traditional teaching and training "truths." With dozens of ways to apply these ideas and principles, you'll quickly see dramatic changes taking place in your trainees or students. As someone who's been studying the science of learning for more than a decade, I thought I had read it all. But then I found Sharon's books.

    If you apply her ideas in language classes, as I have, not only will your students stay awake and interested the entire class, they'll also remember far more of what they experienced in class, not simply lectures and explanations, but also dialogue activities, improv exercises, etc., for months and even years later.

    Also includes highly useful details on movement and learning, visual versus verbal processing, active versus passive learning, and so much more.

    Extremely recommended.

    The only suggestion I can make to the publisher is to offer all of Sharon's books on Kindle. As of the date of this review, just two of her other books are available on Kindle. For those of us living at a great distance, Kindle is highly preferable.

  • I own most of Sharon Bowman's books and I love them all! Sharon applies brain science and adult learning theory to her style of writing modeling the very principals she teaches in her books. The reader (learner) gets to choose how to read the book, jumping around to what interests them most, and completing activities along the way to reinforce the learning. My Sharon Bowman books are among my most used, underlined, highlighted, flagged and scribbled-up books I own! If you want to learn ways to make your training more learner-centric and thereby more effective, buy this book! I also highly recommend "Training From the Back of the Room" by Sharon Bowman. Happy learning!

  • EXCELLENT! I have been a trainer for over 20 years and wanted to make my programs more interesting and fun. This book gave me explainations fo the how and why plus excellent examples of how to do it. It was so good, I bought another of Sharon's book. I highly recommend this book to the novice and the seasned trainer. If you what to make you traning fun and exciting while ensuring the trainees learn the material, this book is for you.

  • This is one of the best books I've read in a while. Not only is it crammed with extremely helpful information, it's laid out in a way that lets you apply the information as you're learning it and also allows for self-directed learning. So not only are you reading about how to train in a way that helps your participants learn, you're actually practicing the skills as you go.

    I also love that it's written in a very easy-to-understand way. You don't have to be a neuroscientist to understand what she's saying! Can't recommend this enough!

  • Arrived on time. Book in perfect condition. This is an outstanding book with great ideas to deliver training!

  • Love this book!

  • Love that Sharon has done all the hatd wok and converted Brain Rules into how to facilitate awesome training. Used her tips and trumps to great effect last week!

  • Sharon's latest book is more theoretical than her earlier, more practical books. Of course, there are plenty of good ideas you can apply in your training classes, the key contribution Sharon offers in this book are the Six Trumps.