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by Steve Smallman

ePub Too Hot to Hug! download
Steve Smallman
Little Tiger Press; UK ed. edition (2010)
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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Prepare to meet the most adorable dragon ever in Too Hot to Hug! by Steve Smallman.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. He soon finds a cave a discovers a big, golden egg.

Steve Smallman lives in Staffordshire with his wife and the two youngest of his four children. Country of Publication.

Too Hot to Hug! book.

Город: StaffordshireПодписчиков: 3 ты. себе: Children's author, illustrator, muralist. себе: Children's author, illustrator, muralist and show off!

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When Ryan finds a golden egg, he takes it home to show Mom and Dad. Then suddenly-Tap!

Select Format: Hardcover. When Ryan finds a golden egg, he takes it home to show Mom and Dad. Then suddenly-Tap! Tap! Crack!-out hatches a baby fire dragon! From then on, Crumpet the dragon is Ryan's best friend. But soon Crumpet starts to grow.

Too Hot to Hug! Steve Smallman. ISBN 10: 184895090X ISBN 13: 9781848950900. Publisher: Little Tiger Press Group, 2011.

When Rupert finds a golden egg, he takes it home to show to Mum and Dad. Then suddenly: Tap! Tap! Crack! out hatches a baby fire dragon! From then on, Crumpet the dragon is Rupert's best friend. But soon Crumpet starts to grow. And as he grows, he gets ...HOTTER! An original and amusing text with a touching message of belonging and acceptance. Both children and adults will love the adorable hero of this heart-warming tale. The characters are brought to life by the illustrator of Gruff the Grump and Bumble.
  • This is one of my favorite children's books to read to my kiddos! It's super cute and we both love it!

  • We LOVE this book! Super cute!

  • Prepare to meet the most adorable dragon ever in Too Hot to Hug! by Steve Smallman. A little boy named Ryan is searching for firewood to keep is family warm during the winter. He soon finds a cave a discovers a big, golden egg.

    When Ryan reaches for the egg, he is delighted to find that the egg is warm. He happily takes the egg home and presents it to his parents. Suddenly, the egg cracks open and out pops a baby fire dragon!

    Ryan's dad is less than pleased and announces that the dragon must leave. The dragon begins to cry and Ryan comforts him with a hug. Little did they know that the baby dragon would provide warmth.

    Ryan's parents agree to let the dragon, now named Crumpet, stay at their house. Crumpet proves to be a most helpful member of the family. He dries laundry, warms beds and even makes toast.

    Crumpet and Ryan are inseparable. But as Crumpet grows, he also gets hotter. What happens when Crumpet becomes too hot to hug?

    This book is truly one of my new favorites. I found myself laughing and crying through every step of Crumpet's journey. Smallman is an outstanding author, telling the story with true heart and soul. I was instantly hooked by page three.

    Cee Biscoe's illustrations are truly magical. I absolutely love Crumpet from baby to adult! I wish that I could reach into the book and give Crumpet a hug. Biscoe creates characters that are both charming and memorable.

    I especially love how this story encompasses the trials and tribulations that all pet owners go through. I am reminded of my own experiences with my furry babies from everything from potty issues to night howling. No matter what happens, love wins out in the end and I am able to forgive my furry one's transgressions.

    This story is a must have for readers of all ages. Children will especially delight in the adorable illustrations.

  • Let me first say that the illustrations are amazing and bring the text to a whole new level. Done in acrylics and coloured pencil they are excellent. This touching, moving and inspiring story centres around a little boy named Rupert who is out in the blistering cold one day, and gets so cold he nearly turns purple and numb. He stumbles upon a golden egg that is warm to the touch so he scoops it up and brings it home hoping it will bring warmth to his family. When the egg finally hatches a surprise awaits him. Inside the egg was developing an adorable fire dragon. When his parents see what emerges they are horrified because they know that dragons mean trouble.

    Rupert names his baby dragon Crumpet. They bond and become very close friends. Crumpet is perfect to dry the wash and for hugging when he is small...but as he grows....and he even BIGGER problem arises. As Crumpet evolves so does his heating system. His thermostat lands on boiling. He becomes hotter and hotter and cannot control his ever rising temperature. Because the little dragon does not know how to solve his monumental problem it is left up to his friend Rupert to find a solution. What is the anti-dote for being all fired-up? Is there one? Can Crumpet be a potential danger to everyone around him? No spoilers from me but I know you will be curious enough to want to get a copy of this book and find out it all comes together in the end. This is a beautiful, heartwarming tale that shines a spotlight on belonging and acceptance. Highly recommend by me.

  • This book is beyond adorable! Wonderful pictures and color. I buy this for any kid/baby I can. They all love it too. GREAT PRICE as well!

  • My 2 1/2 year old grandson just loves this book. The story is simple, well illustrated AND it holds his attention. He really cares for Crumpet!

  • I read this book in a book store and while it started off sweet (and ended well), when the family realized Crumpet was too hot and was becoming an issue, the father told his son to go walk Crumpet out into the woods and leave him there!! Ummm, what!!?!? What kind of sick book is this? Because that's what we do, when our pets are causing trouble we just go abandon them in the woods. It turned out well in the end as Rupert accidentally found a solution to the problem while he was en route, but that part of the story really sickened me. Terrible lesson for children.