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by Cath Crowley

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Cath Crowley
Knopf Books for Young Readers; 1 edition (June 8, 2010)
Literature & Fiction
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To Nancy and Joe Davis, and to Jessie and Tom Crowley-. My beautiful grandparents. Only, that day it was. I had the first line of a new song in my head. A song about a guy and a party and a smile.

To Nancy and Joe Davis, and to Jessie and Tom Crowley-. The words were in my mouth and the tune was in my blood, and it felt so loud I thought: If Alex kisses me, he’ll hear it singing through my skin. And I wanted him to hear. Because he grinned electricity through my bones, when most days I play solo and acoustic. Because Dahlia’s new friends might like me if I had something other than music to talk about during Louise Spatula’s post-party analysis.

I want to stay with them. I sing him a little version of the song I’ve been working on. Love’s a funny song. The words don’t make much sense, and the beat comes out all wrong. But it goes a little like this. I want to talk all night to Dave and then kiss him. I want to sing a few songs just for him. There’s something I have to do first, though. You get that from your mother, Dad says when I walk over.

I strum A Little Wanting Song. It’s just a little wanting song. It won’t go on for all that long. Just long enough to say. Soft and sad. I let the old voice of the guitar rise like the moon and it floats and dips around me. A Little Wanting Song. How much I’m wishing for. Just a little more. Hang out the washing for me? Mum asks when I walk in the door.

A Little Wanting Song book. See a Problem? We’d love your help. A summer of friendship, romance, and songs in major chords.

He and Rose leave and I sit in the garden, singing my song about the day. About an hour later he comes back. You left this at Rose’s, he says, holding out my hat. He stands there, rolling his bike. back and forward, and I want to ask him in. For a girl who doesn’t talk all that much, strangely I have a million or more things I want to say to Dave. They’re not even important things.

A Little Wanting Song left me wanting to know more about author Cath Crowley, but the biographical information immediately at hand was a little light, so I did some digging. Cath Crowley is an Australian children's author. She was born in 1971 and grew up in a rural part of Victoria (SE Australia) with three brothers and a dog. Although she told stories all the time, she never wrote any of them down and did not plan on being a writer. Then she moved to Europe and began writing letters to her brother, Anthony Crowley.

A Little Wanting Song. CHARLIE DUSKIN loves music, and she knows she's good at it. But she only sings when she's alone, on the moonlit porch or in the back room at Old Gus's Secondhand Record and CD Store. But she only sings when she's alone, on the moonlit porch or in the back room at Old Gus's Secondhand Record and CD Store

A Little Wanting Song is told in alternating points of view, switching between Charlie and Rose. What struck me most about A Little Wanting Song was the setting, the atmosphere Cath Crowley has created here.

A Little Wanting Song is told in alternating points of view, switching between Charlie and Rose. Charlie is a character I loved with all my heart. I always love books set in Australia - there's just something about them. The small-town setting is vivid and just really well done. The only part I didn't like is the romance. I'm never a fan of forcing romance on a story that doesn't need it, and it felt sort of like that in A Little Wanting Song.

Cath Crowley grew up in rural Victoria, Australia. A Little Wanting Song was shortlisted for the Children's Book Council of Australia Book of the Year Award. To find out more about Cath, please visit ww. athcrowley. Библиографические данные.

A summer of friendship, romance, and songs in major chords. . . .CHARLIE DUSKIN loves music, and she knows she's good at it. But she only sings when she's alone, on the moonlit porch or in the back room at Old Gus's Secondhand Record and CD Store. Charlie's mom and grandmother have both died, and this summer she's visiting her grandpa in the country, surrounded by ghosts and grieving family, and serving burgers to the local kids at the milk bar. She's got her iPod, her guitar, and all her recording equipment, but she wants more: A friend. A dad who notices her. The chance to show Dave Robbie that she's not entirely unspectacular.ROSE BUTLER lives next door to Charlie's grandfather and spends her days watching cars pass on the freeway and hanging out with her troublemaker boyfriend. She loves Luke but can't wait to leave their small country town. And she's figured out a way: she's won a scholarship to a science school in the city, and now she has to convince her parents to let her go. This is where Charlie comes in. Charlie, who lives in the city, and whom Rose has ignored for years. Charlie, who just might be Rose's ticket out.Told in alternating voices and filled with music, friendship, and romance, Charlie and Rose's "little wanting song" is about the kind of longing that begins as a heavy ache but ultimately makes us feel hopeful and wonderfully alive.From the Hardcover edition.
  • To be honest any stories that include songs or music have a leg up with me. This story was really lovely and highly relatable in my opinion. Charlie lost her mother and is to scared to do anything for the most part. She talks through her music but she can't actually bring herself to perform. Rose has a wonderful family, best friend and boyfriend but she desperately wants out of her small town where she sees her mother got stuck long ago. When Charlie comes to town to visit her grandfather Rose sees the perfect opportunity to bail.
    Like I said I really related to this story though Rose is the hardest to understand she comes off as a bit of ungrateful snot and there are a few teenage moments that made me cringe but still felt very real. I think the best part was the end when everyone gets a little something of what they wanted but not everything. The whole book reads very quickly, peppered with Charlie's songs it gives it a little zest and in the end it feels very real.

  • I love Crowley's writing. She is poetic without being pretentious and the voice in this book is just so strong and unique. Love it! Being a musician, I'm particularly fond of and critical of stories involving music. Once or twice, a musical reference made me go huh? It didn't detract from the writing or story at all but was a minor, personal irk (I don't think A minor can ever be sadder than E minor).

    I want to read more by this author. I love the Aussie setting and the appreciate her no frills characters. Everyone should read Cath Crowley!

  • A Little Wanting Song by Cath Crowley
    Alfred A. Knopf, 2005
    262 pages
    YA; Contemporary
    4/5 stars

    Source: Library

    This is told in alternating perspectives from Charlie, lonely city-girl, and Rose, smart country-girl dying to attend school in the city. That marks the beginning of their friendship: Rose's desire to get out of the small Australian town where she has always lived and Charlie visits for the summer (as this is Australia, that summer is over Christmas break which was so weird to this American girl). Their friendship brings out new aspects of each other.

    This was a fine fast novel. I enjoyed the alternating perspectives although sometimes it shifted so quick (most chapters were about two pages) that I was confused about who was talking; happily each chapter opens with the name of the narrator so it was easy to check. Both girls have harbored mistaken impressions of each other for years but were desperate for new company. I adored the way they came to know each other and helped the other heal in some ways. Both of them have serious difficulties in their life.

    However the part I really liked was the love story. Rose has been dating Luke but troubles in their relationship have arisen. But Dave has liked Charlie for years and she reciprocates! Their courtship was super awkward but also super adorable and I rooted for them.

    Another element is tidbits from the girls' respective interests. Rose likes science and shares some cool factoids about rocks and water through her narrative. Charlie loves music and that largely dominates her section, culminating in a performance at the end.

    Overall: A sweet growing up story about wanting more.

  • This is another Australian gem suggested to me by my trusty reading friends that I would have never read if it weren’t for them. And shame on me for that. A Little Wanting Song (I have the tendency to say waiting for some reason) was an utterly enjoyable read about friendship and first love and growing up.

    A Little Wanting Song is the story of Charlie Duskin, a shy girl that is good at one thing, music. With her grandmother’s recent passing and the grief of losing her mother years back, Charlie and her father go to the country to visit with her grandpa. But this visit will be different than any other visit Charlie can remember. With her father and grandpa still grieving Charlie starts spending time with the finicky girl next door, Rose Butler, who never wanted anything to do with Charlie in the past. But as the days go past and Charlie starts to break out of her shell and gets closer to Dave Robbie, the boy she has crushed on for years, Charlie finds out that Rose’s motives might not be as they seem and Rose will do anything to either get what she wants or to just be Charlie’s friend.

    Have I mentioned that I loved this book? Because I did. The alternating voices of Rose and Charlie were the perfect way to go with this story as it showed their alternating personalities in a way that only two voices could. And as different as these girls were I loved getting to know them and I really liked them. Charlie seemed to blossom as she get herself open up and be herself and not so shy. She was weird like Dave told her time and time again, but she was a good weird, a weird that is interesting and makes you want to know more. And Rose on the other hand was a girl that was just trapped. She wanted to get out and was ready to do whatever it takes to make that happen, but as she started to open herself she started to realize that just because someone was different didn’t mean you couldn’t be friends with them. Both girls, over a few short weeks, blossomed and became this characters that are not easily forgettable and won’t be for a long time.

    And Dave. Oh how I loved Dave Robbie. He was just this quiet, sidekick like guy, that would do anything for his friends even at his own expense. He didn’t mind being made fun of or being the third wheel with Rose and her boyfriend Luke. And he was this lanky, gorgeous thing that was humble about it. Watching him talk to Charlie was probably my highlight of the book because it was so awkward and uncertain but sweet and entertaining at the same time. He would often say the wrong thing or say something in the wrong way only to be told by Rose that he was messing up. It was really endearing.

    Basically this book was just a bundle full of joy. It dealt with some heavier stuff, but Crowley’s writing made it not seem so emotional and you couldn’t help but root for these characters. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, but there is just something magical about Australian publications. A definite must read.