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by Libby Koponen

ePub Blow Out the Moon download
Libby Koponen
Little, Brown Young Readers; Library Binding edition (June 23, 2004)
Literature & Fiction
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Libby Koponen on trays. As soon as she left Clare said, Do you bother with proper manners when you’re alone? I wasn’t sure what to say; Finally I decided it would be safe to tell the truth. She looked relieved and happy. Shall we eat with our fingers, then? she said. We did - REALLY messily. We didn’t even wipe our faces or fingers at all until we were all done

Libby Koponen received her MFA in writing from Brown University. She is a freelance writer and also does volunteer work with children. Blow Out the Moon is a great choice for readers of all ages.

Libby Koponen received her MFA in writing from Brown University. One person found this helpful.

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Blow Out The Moon was an unbelievable book! Not only was it a page turner, but a true story! . Open letter to Libby Koponen. com User, January 1, 2005. I just this minute finished reading Blow Out the Moon.

Blow Out The Moon was an unbelievable book! Not only was it a page turner, but a true story! Knowing that this book was a true story, it made me think of all of the things eight year old Libby went through. One day because of her father's job, Libby Koponen and her family move from America to London. I love reading about English schools, and I think your book conveys the experience very well.

This book is based on a true story, but some of the real things had been lost by the time we were doing the pictures. So other people made substitutes: Alex White drew the ocean liner card; other children, whose parents wanted their names kept private, made fortune catchers and played cat’s cradle and let the pictures be printed - and the author and publisher thank them.

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Having been sent away from her home in America to live in a 1950s boarding school for girls in England, a young girl does her best to accept the lessons she must learn with regards to becoming a proper lady while making sure to not lose her exuberant personality in the process.
  • My 10-year-old daughter and I read this book when it first came out, and we both loved it. It's not the usual fare you find for young readers these days: there are no wizards, dragons, or talking animals, just a spunky young american girl who grows up a lot while spending a year at an English boarding school in the 1950's.

    Libby is a great character for kids to relate to--she's not perfect, and though her high spirits get her into trouble sometimes, her heart is in the right place. And she's willing to change to become a more thoughtful and considerate person. There are few contemporary books for kids that deal with the subject of manners and etiquette--and that's not all this book is about--and it's refreshing to see it dealt with in a playful, yet enlightening way.

    Kids will also be capitivated by the world of Sibton Park School, with the horseback riding, dormitory life, and all of its English ways. Christmas is coming, and we're going to give BLOW OUT THE MOON to all of my daughter's friends. Thank you, Libby, for such a wonderful book. We look forward to your next book!

  • The book is beautiful - filled with simple, subtle life lessons. At the end, you want to hear more of Libby's life, which is the greatest compliment for any storyteller. I hope to read more.

  • This had been a very inspiring read. Libby is a talented writer and I'm grateful for the opportunity to learn something new with her memoir. Yes, this is the story of Libby, from her childhood in New York to London, from her undesirable experiences in her new school, to coping up and moving to a better and nicer boarding school. Sibton Park was more than a school to her, it was more like her second home, with all those wonderful friends she'd made and the chance to show her skill in writing and yep, riding a horse!

    I got a paperback of this book in our local bookstore. I instantly liked the cover because it featured a young girl standing in front of a gated fence looking at a school building, maybe contemplating if she's gonna give it a go or just run away. The image is powerful and drew me in.

    What I also loved about this book are the real pictures that Libby had kept from those years living in London, those letters she wrote, the tea set, the dolls, the paddocks, even her French tests and pair of Wellingtons. The book, all in all, is a beauty! And if there's one thing that made me really love her and the story, it was the inclusion of the map of Kensington Gardens (remember Peter Pan?) and Hansel and Gretel! Yes, those were favorites of mine and it's nice to read a novelized memoir about a girl after my own heart.

  • I very much enjoyed this nostalgic novel of the 1950s. Young Libby has an engaging voice and at times, a 'Ramona' type personality. I’m sure many readers will wish they could be best friends with her during her fascinating year at an English boarding school. I know I did, and by the end of the book, when a school group picture was mentioned, I was so hoping there would be a copy on the next page. Therefore, I was VERY excited to find the picture on Libby’s entertaining ifyoulovetoread dot com website where I can zoom in and get to know ALL of her classmates and teachers, as well as discover lots of other fun facts. Blow Out the Moon is a great choice for readers of all ages.

  • Set in England in the 1950s, this endearing tale is a wonderful mixture of memoir and fiction. Libby, the main character, is forced to move for a time with her family to England. While she enjoys some aspects of this new venue, life is not quite as easy as it had been in America. Libby is not popular with her classmates nor her teachers (who make fun of her accent, her ideas, and her bangs). Things get better, however, when she is sent to a boarding school in the countryside.
    At the boarding school-Sibton Park-she makes friends, is trained how to ride a horse, and learns how to speak, eat, and behave as a proper lady might. One simply does not, for example, comment on the food one is served. And to her credit Libby does not, even though "the English idea of spaghetti" is a plate of "plain spaghetti.and a small pitcher of completely smooth, very runny ketchup to pour on top."
    The descriptions of time and place are wonderfully vivid. Readers will slip slowly into Libby's world without realizing it. Soon the words on the page disappear and you are there with her, in the garden, sitting under an old oak, the sun making "little wavering patches of light and shadows on the lawn;" the grass warm to the touch.
    At story's end Libby and her family move back to America. There, she realizes she is not the same person as when she left. Back in her old school, she glances at the tall windows that went almost to the ceiling. "I'd never liked how much sky you could see (it was too blank)," Libby writes. But now, she realizes, she did enjoy the "bright blank blue sky." It was "filled with light and wide open to everything. I felt that way, too; and bursting with energy."
    The text is interspersed with sidebars, black and white photographs, and illustrations which help readers picture the scenes and visualize unfamiliar items-such as Wellington boots and lemon curd.
    The story is deftly written. It never lapses into sentimentality nor does it ever veer from the child's-eye view. Libby's voice shines through-honest and authentic. At heart this is a moving portrait of growing up, formative moments, and lessons learned. Highly recommended.
    Reviewed by the Education Oasis Staff

  • This young adult book had more examples of what the Brits say or won't say,or what they do or wouldn't do in several situations than any other book that I have ever read.It really made me feel that I was there with the character.My Air Force father was stationed in England when I was a kid,and I remember a lot about their beautiful Country,and am an avid Anglophile.Much better than any travelogue of England to give you a real feeling for the culture.The info on the schools was really interesting,as well.

    Really engaging story of an American family's 18-month stay in England.I read my library's copy.Highly recommended for all ages and especially other Anglophiles.