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by Nancy Garden

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Nancy Garden
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Annie On My Mind is a 1982 novel by Nancy Garden about the romantic relationship between two 17-year-old New York City girls, Annie and Liza.

Annie On My Mind is a 1982 novel by Nancy Garden about the romantic relationship between two 17-year-old New York City girls, Annie and Liza. Liza Winthrop: The protagonist and narrator of the novel, Liza is a 17-year-old girl living in the upscale neighborhood of Brooklyn Heights. She attends Foster Academy, a private school nearby, which is facing financial trouble.

Nancy Garden is the author of young adult novels including The Year They Burned the Books and Endgame. She is also the author of the YA nonfiction book Hear Us Out!, as well as novels for children and the picture book Molly's Family. Garden was born in Boston, Massachusetts, and has lived most of her life in New England and New York. I'm not sure whether that has to do with the fact that it's the first LGBTQ book I ever read (and actually liked) or if it's because of Garden's captivating details & dynamics. Either way, this novel will make you feel all warm inside.

Annie on My Mind book. I knew this book was published about 36 years ago and that Nancy Garden is a lesbian

Annie on My Mind book. I knew this book was published about 36 years ago and that Nancy Garden is a lesbian. I knew all Have you ever felt really close to someone? So close that you can’t understand why you and the other person have two separate bodies, two separate skins? Oh my! This book hit me with so many different feels I didn’t even understand what was happening to me. I mean I knew Annie on My Mind is an f/f romance and that it wasn’t only banned from school libraries but also publicly burned at some point.

One of the first books to positively portray a lesbian relationship, Annie on My Mind is a groundbreaking classic of the genre. The subject of a First Amendment lawsuit over banned books and one of School Library Journal’s One Hundred Books that Shaped the Century, Nancy Garden’s iconic novel is an important story for anyone discovering who they’re meant to be. Young Adult. One fee. Stacks of books.

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Nancy Garden (1938–2014) is the author of the groundbreaking LGBT novel Annie on My Mind, as well as numerous other works of young adult fiction. She also wrote the YA nonfiction book Hear Us Out!, several novels for children, and the picture book Molly’s Family. Garden received the Margaret A. Edwards Award, the Lambda Literary Award, and the Robert B. Downs Intellectual Freedom Award.

This groundbreaking book, first published in 1982, is the story of two teenage girls whose friendship blossoms into love and who, despite pressures from family and school that threaten their relationship, promise to be true to each other and their feelings. From the moment Liza Winthrop meets Annie Kenyon at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, she knows there is something special between them. But Liza never knew falling in love could be so wonderful.

It’s not either of them, I whispered to Annie, glancing at the clock on the night table. The clock said half past six, and Ms. Stevenson and Ms. Widmer had said they’d be home around eight

ANNIE ON MY MIND By Nancy Garden Mint Condition . It is an honest portrayal of their love with an ending that is in keeping with, and worthy of, the rest of the book.

ANNIE ON MY MIND By Nancy Garden Mint Condition. - The Baltimore Sun " Annie on My Mind was an eye-opener (maybe 'heartopener' is a better term). - The Milwaukee Journal "A tender, bittersweet love story. - Booklist "Departs from the fact-packed preachiness of the problem novel to become instead a compelling story of two real and intriguing women.

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  • ANNIE ON MY MIND was first published in 1982, the year I graduated from high school. At the time, it was one of the only LGBT books in print and was widely banned in libraries and schools.

    In 2017, Nancy Garden's book is dated in both writing style and societal views. Although I had a gay uncle, I never knew anyone my age who was out until I graduated from undergrad and moved to a larger city. ANNIE ON MY MIND was a HUGE deal and one of my favorite books. I was thrilled to see it become available for Kindle.

    Younger readers should view ANNIE ON MY MIND as accurate historical fiction, because so much has changed in thirty-five years. Rereading the story gave me a real sense of nostalgia, pre-electronic immersion, but also when fear and hate were the norm.

  • In an age where less than 1% of young adult books have gay, lesbian, transgender, or bisexual characters, it is important to promote the ones that are out there.

    In a time when it was considered extremely taboo, teenaged Liza finds herself falling in love with another girl, her vivacious new friend Annie. Told from Liza’s point of view, Annie On My Mind illustrates the development of their relationship, the confusion that Liza feels over her newly discovered sexuality, and the turmoil that comes as a result of being caught in the act of making love at a teacher’s house. Though this book was written over 20 years ago, I think that young adults would still find it relatable, and the material didn’t feel overly dated when I was reading it. Above all, the emotions ring true and give the book real authenticity.

    It is an unfortunate truth that the vast majority of books with romantic plots deal with a guy and a girl, and it’s really a shame that aren’t more that embrace other kinds of people too. Homosexuality is a very touchy and controversial subject for a lot of people, for whatever reason, and young people may not always feel comfortable asking others about different sexualities and lifestyles. That is one of the many reasons that it is important to have books that show other kinds of people and other ways to love. We’re not all cookie cutter people, so why should the characters in books be? Annie On My Mind tells a very lovely and realistic story with good characters and a satisfying ending.

    Maybe the story of Liza and Annie will help others who may find themselves confused or struggling and assure them that they, too, are normal and loved and things can work out positively no matter what your sexual orientation might be. Or, you know, maybe the story will just be an entertaining read for anyone. As a reader, I appreciate a well-told story with good characters, period. In Annie On My Mind, the two girls are fully realized characters who never fall into stereotypes. Their love is so charming and sweet that it was a delight to read.

    Highly recommended.

  • This is a bittersweet story of young love, but more than that it is a story of self acceptance in the face of a world that is sometimes hostile. The portions of the story about Liza and Annie's developing relationship are beautifully told and the retrospective style of the writing prepares the reader well for the less pleasant aspects of the story. It is also rather nostalgic, as someone who grew up back then, in the days before cellphones and the internet, when you had to talk to your crush from a phone tethered to the kitchen wall and deal with whichever of your family members who happened to pop by during the conversion... Not to mention calling them from a payphone at your college dorm... Been there... Done that... It's rough! Lol!

    Highly recommended!

  • This was a book that opened my eyes to the issues facing those who fall in love with those society deem not appropriate. The book shows that love is just that, love, but in cases like this, the people have a harder time and more obstacles due to societies view points and ideas.

  • Annie on My Mind by Nancy Garden is an extraordinary story. I read it in one sitting. The story is very honest and real. Considering the time period this story was written, readers will find it refreshing to discover a happy ending in the mist of love, pain, decisions, and self-discovery and acceptance. A coming of age story that everyone should read whether you are gay, straight, bi, or whatever. The fact that this book has been banned from many school libraries, the more reason to read it.

  • Annie on My Mind by Nancy Garden has always been one of my favorite books. I'm not sure whether that has to do with the fact that it's the first LGBTQ book I ever read (and actually liked) or if it's because of Garden's captivating details & dynamics. Either way, this novel will make you feel all warm inside. Liza & Annie's story is real, intriguing, & beautiful. It will remind you of your first love, and it will bring back so many memories that you haven't thought of in a long time (especially if you're like me and are only 17).
    The only issue that I ever had with this book is that there was never a sequel written about Liza & Annie, and I've always wondered what happened with those two. Though I guess the ending does reveal a little, but my mind is a curious one & will never be satisfied.
    So no, you will not be dissapointed if you read this novel. Rather, the opposite.

  • When I first started to read this I was very confused about why it started the way it did, but as I read on it was more on about Liza’s view of the past before coming to the present once she realized she was free. The emotions were really emotional the love and the fear Annie and Liza had and then the judgement that she was getting. But over all after hearing the story about Nancy( the author) and what she went through made it all come together. And the very end of the book made complete sense and the love that Annie and Liza have make extremely happy